Start A New Society

Start a new Society or Adopt an inactive one!

If you are interested in setting up a new society please complete this form and a member of the Student Activities department will be in touch.


Follow our four step process to starting a society here:



  1. 1. Check the group you wish to start doesn't already exist here.

  2. 2. Check our list of inactive societies to see if there's one you'd like to adopt here.

  3.  3. Check if other students want to be committee members.

  4. 4. Gather at least two Committee Members and submit your start-up form below.


You must have a President and a Treasurer but we would also recommend having an Administrator. These are the basic roles that every society needs to function but if you wish to add more go ahead and create your own roles. Only current ARU students can be committee members.  Please remember that Clubs and Societies must abide by the Union’s current Equal Opportunities Policy and are subject to the provisions of the Constitution, Regulations and Policy of ARU Students’ Union.


To start or adopt a society/club, please complete our Constitution Pack and email it to