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You’re part of the community at ARU so have your say on how your university develops. When you have an idea or want something new, we're here to help you make it happen.



Want to be your Course Rep or looking for one of our vacant Campaign or Faculty Rep roles? Nomniate yourself here from 9am, 10th September 2019 - Midday 4th October 2019.

The Rep Election 2019


What is a Rep?

Reps are students, elected by their peers, who work to champion the views and interests of students. They provide an essential link between you, the Students’ Union and the University.

I am a Course Rep - Rep Hub

 Are you already a Course Rep? Access your Course Rep resources and more above.


How do Reps act upon my feedback?

Your Representatives have a responsibility to listen to your feedback and then present the information at various meetings throughout the University. This will go to your Course Leaders, Lecturers, Faculty Dean, all the way up to the Vice Chancellor. Actions are then decided and underatken by relevant staff, ensuring the best academic quality of your course and your maximising your Univeristy experience. 


The Executive Committee

Want to find out what your Executive OfficerCampaign or Faculty Reps do? Find out more above.

Find Your Course Rep or Postgraduate Research RepAre you looking for academic representation on your course? Find your Course Rep or Postgraduate Research Rep above.


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Becoming a Rep is a great way to work with other students and staff at all levels of the University to make positive change.

At Anglia Ruskin University, over 600 of our students volunteer their time to be a Rep. They benefit from experience and opportunities which help to develop key employability skills including communication, negotiation, problem solving and strategic thinking. All positions are part-time and voluntary.


How Can I Become a Rep?

All students who are members of ARU Students' Union are able to stand for election as a Rep in a maximum of three roles: one Course Rep or Postgraduate Research Rep, one Campaign or Faculty Rep role and one National Conference Delegate position.

By becoming a Rep you will benefit from experience and opportunities which will help you to develop key employability skills including communication, negotiation, problem solving and strategic thinking within the following tasks:

  • Gathering feedback from students using a variety of tools.
  • Presenting feedback impartially in University meetings.
  • Working in partnership to find and negotiate solutions to issues.
  • Communicating feedback with students.


Executive Officers, Faculty Reps and Campaign Reps are elected during our annual Executive Elections in February / March. Course Reps, Postgraduate Research Reps and National Conference Delegates are elected in October. To nominate yourself as a candidate, please look out for information on the website in the build up to the above election times. To find out more about each role, please click on the tabs above.

All positions are part-time and voluntary.


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How to contact us:


Hannah Belcher
Campaigns and Education Enhancement Coordinator


Democracy & ARUL
Megan Bennett

Democracy Coordinator & ARU London Manager



Demi Smith
Representation Coordinator (AHSS)


Toby Pallatt
Representation Coordinator (FBL and FSE)


Rachel Wilkenson
Representation Coordinator (HEMS)


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