Organisation Registration

Organisation Registration


Welcome to ARU Students' Union Volunteer Centre

ARU Students’ Union Volunteer Centre is a service that provides and promotes voluntary opportunities for students and staff at Anglia Ruskin University. As a service, we can promote your volunteering opportunities to our students, matching the skills you need with students who have them.

The students at Anglia Ruskin University study a variety of different courses from Nursing to Computer Gaming Technology, from Sports Coaching to Law. The courses attract students who have wide ranging and specific skills who could benefit your organisation in a variety of ways.

ARU Students’ Union Volunteer Centre are dedicated to providing the best service for our students and our partnered organisations. Once your organisation and opportunities have been approved we will:

  1. Promote your opportunities to our student body.
  2. Meet with student applicants to discuss your opportunities.
  3. Send you an email to confirm the students application.


Service Level Agreement and Criteria

Organisations who are a local or national charity, voluntary or not-for-profit organisation are welcome to register with us and upload volunteering opportunities to our database to promote to our student body.

All registrations are subject to our Service Level Agreement and/or our Internship Policy. Your registration and opportunities are approved at the discretion of our Volunteer Coordinators and may be declined if they do not meet the terms in our Service Level Agreement or our Internship Policy.


Service Level Agreement

Internship Policy


Register your Organisation

Before starting your registration, please have to hand the following details and documents which you will need to submit and upload during the registration process:

  • Public Liability Insurance Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Organisation Logo

Use our registration guide below to help you through the registration process and understand the next steps.


Once you have registered your organisation:

  1. Your Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your organisation and opportunities further.
  2. We will approve your Organisation registration, subject to meeting our policies, and upload your volunteer opportunities on your behalf.
  3. Your volunteer opportunities will be active on our website, ready for student applications.
  4. Students who apply for your opportunties will be directed to your website to complete your offical application procedure.


Register with the Volunteer Centre

Registration Guide


Contact Us:

If you wish to discuss the registration process or arrange a meeting with the Volunteer Centre before starting the registration process, please contact your relevant campus Volunteer Coordinator or contact us at:


Cambridge - 01223 698253

Chelmsford - 01245 258178