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What is the October Election 2023?

The Students' Union is the recognised representative body for all ARU students. We run elections each year so students can choose who will be their Course Rep for their respective course and year group. Students can also stand and vote for their Faculty Reps, and for roles in Society Committees
Applicants will stand for election and students will vote for them during our voting week 6th October - 13th October.
Scroll down to the roles to decide which is the best fit for you!
As a student you have the opportunity to get involved in many different ways! You can cast your vote during voting week so you can have your say in who runs the Students' Union and represents you. You could even put yourself forward for one of these positions by applying below!

If you know someone who would make a fantastic rep you can let them know - anonymously! - using our Recommend A Friend form!




Course Rep

The Course Rep position is a part time, voluntary role representing students within the same course group and year.

Course Reps are students elected to deliver and discuss feedback with their faculty. This feedback is then used to improve the student experience for all the students they represent.

There is at least one Rep role available per course per year, though this may differ for courses with larger numbers of students.

Course Reps attend a meeting once a trimester called a Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) where they discuss students' concerns and help to find solutions.

Faculty Rep

The Faculty Rep position is a part time role representing students within the same faculty and studying at the same campus.

There are 1-2 Faculty Reps per campus, depending on the size of the faculty they represent (for example, HeMS has 2 per campus). 

Faculty Reps will act as a member of the Executive Committee (the group of elected students leading the direction of the SU and it's campaigns) and will attend relevant meetings; 

Faculty Reps will implement ideas and projects to improve the experience of students within the faculty; 

Faculty Reps will also prepare for Faculty and University Committees of which they are a member as well as acting as a deputy for the relevant Vice President when appropriate.

National Conference Delegate

The 10 National Conference Delegates (NCDs) attend, represent Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union and vote at the annual National Union of Students (NUS) National Conference, the main policy-making body of the NUS.

It produces policies and position statements on the activities of NUS, of which the Students’ Union is a member, and elects the full-time officers and other representatives to the National Executive Council (NEC). The NEC is the most senior policy-making body outside of NUS National Conference.

At NUS National Conference, students and officers from across Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England will come together to focus on the priorities and campaigns of NUS for the coming year. As a conference attendee you can expect:

1. Spaces where you can build your communities

2. Meaningful involvement in shaping the next steps of NUS campaigns

3. Chances to grow your own campaigning skills to take action.


PGR Reps focus on finding ways to develop and improve the academic experience of Postgraduate Research students in their faculty. There are 2 PGR Rep positions per faculty; plus one non-faculty specific rep focusing on Professional Doctorate courses, making a total of 9 positions.

PGR Reps represent students by attending meetings with the Doctoral School and their Faculty Research and Innovation Committee (FRIC). The FRIC acts as a forum for students and staff to discuss a range of issues including student experience and the PGR community.

Society Bi-Elections

These by-elections allow members of societies to democratically decide who will lead their society this academic year.

You must hold a full standard membership to a society to vote in their elections.

There are a number of roles available to apply and vote for, including the brand new Campaign Officer roles.




  • Nominations open! 

  • Nominations close!

    Nominations will close at 12pm!

  • Candidates Briefing!
    (Faculty Rep Candidates)

    Join us at 14:00 for the candidates briefing to learn more about the rules and what to expect during your election campaign. A teams link will be shared in advance.

  • Voting Opens!

    Voting is open from 9am

  • Voting Closes at 9am!



Between 9am October 6th and 9am October 13th.
Yes, the link is
Who is RON??
RON stands for Re-Open Nominations and allows voters to cast a vote against the listed candidates.

No, use personal accounts only.

Do I get any extra help as a Faculty Rep candidate?

Yes! You can book a Candidate 1:1 by emailing Demi, the Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator, and you also get access to the Candidates Hub!


If you would like to speak to a member of staff about The Election, or if you have a question that has not been answered above you can submit your query to the Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator - Demi at

If you would like to submit to a formal complaint about the election to our Deputy Returning Officer you can do so by completing the form on our complaints page

Because we're independent from the University you get to decide how we’re run and what we do. You get to decide this by voting in our elections, getting your voice heard through Student Members Meetings or participating in campaigns. Our core function is representation, which means we dedicate almost all of our resources to making sure your voice gets heard in the University, that your rights as a student are upheld and you get the most out of your degree.