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What can I expect from my SU advice appointment?

  • Your advisor will provide you with details of the service and how we support students.
  • Your advisor will confirm the details you have provided on your booking form.
  • You will be given the opportunity to detail your concerns.
  • Your SU advisor will advise on processes and polices that may relate to your circumstances.
  • You may be offered signposting to other services that may be able to help you with your query.

What should I prepare for my appointment?

  • Make a note of any modules codes and element numbers that are relevant to your query as well as any deadlines.
  • If intending to submit an academic appeal or late exceptional circumstance claim we recommend completing the form in advance so that you can send to your adviser.
  • Your form does not have to be perfect but completing it in advance will speed up your query. Your advisor can then use your appointment time to provide feedback on your form.
  • Exceptional Circumstances forms can be accessed at Exceptional Circumstances (sharepoint.com).
  • Academic Appeals forms can be accessed at Academic appeals (sharepoint.com). Undergraduates and Masters students should use the Academic Appeal form. PG research students should use the RD18 form.

Can I have a face to face appointment?

  • The SU advice service does not offer face to face appointments as our advisors support students across multiple campuses.
  • You will still receive the same level of service via a teams call as you would if you were to meet your advisor in person.
  • If you would like a telephone call or email advice, please let the advice service know in advance.

Is there anything you can’t help me with?

I’m unsure how to submit my work

For details on how to submit your work please go to Submitting your work (sharepoint.com)

I can’t make/I have missed my deadline – what can I do?

If you are unable to submit your work on time you may want to consider Submitting your work late (sharepoint.com).

I need an extension – can you help me?

I want to take a break from my course – what should I do?

  • We recommend speaking with the University Student Advice service or your course leader in the first instance.
  • Students should obtain guidance from the university Money Advice Service to discuss any financial implications. Further details can be found at Intermitting (sharepoint.com).

I have a concern for a grade / I am unhappy with my mark

  • Often students approach the service to discuss concerns for a grade / feedback on an assessment. This is a complex area but university process does not allow for the re-marking / re-grading of a piece of work.
  • Students cannot change grades where they feel they deserve a better mark / they deem the marking to be unfair / they feel the tutor made a mistake. Academic Appeals cannot be submitted on this basis as it would be deemed as querying academic judgement.
  • If you are unhappy with your work we recommend contacting your tutor in the first instance, they may be able to offer insight on the grade awarded and further guidance on how to improve the work.
  • Check out the events page:
    • Attend a “Grade Concerns” webinar event (coming soon).
    • Attend an SU advice drop in to discuss your concerns with an advisor for free and impartial advice (coming soon).
  • Beyond this you may want to review guidance on exceptional circumstances and academic appeals to determine if you meet the grounds for either process.

I have received an email telling me that my work is held / referred for academic misconduct– what should I do?

  • The university use the term “held mark” when investigating suspected academic misconduct.
  • At this stage there you are not required to do anything until you receive further guidance from the faculty.
  • You may find its useful to attend a Held Mark webinar for general guidance (coming soon).
  • At this early stage, the SU advice service cannot provide guidance as there is no formal allegation.
  • Once you receive a confirmed allegation you should book an appointment with the SU advice service.

I submitted an Exceptional Circumstances claim but I don’t know what the outcome is – what should I do?

I have been invited to a meeting – can an advisor attend with me?

  • We can attend most meetings with students providing we have been given sufficient notice as this allows us to read through any relevant documentation.
  • We can support students to prepare for meetings as well as providing guidance on how to write any supporting statements.
  • Meetings that we would not attend are viva voces (in the case of suspected academic misconduct) and informal resolution meetings ( in the case of academic appeals).