Student to Student Complaint

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Student to Student Complaints




What happens next?

All students have the right to make a formal complaint against another student due to unacceptable behaviour if they have tried but failed to resolve things informally, or if the nature of your complaint is not appropriate to be resolved through the informal route. The Students’ Union Advice Service can advise you on the most appropriate route for your complaint. It is important that you know the University’s procedures for student to student complaints.

Students are strongly encouraged to speak to the Students’ Union Advice Service before submitting a complaint. We can help you draft your complaint and consider what evidence is appropriate to include in your complaint. What happens next?

  • An investigator will be appointed to investigate your complaint.
  • They aim to complete the investigation within 20 working days and report back to you. If they need more time they will let you know.
  • It is important to engage fully with the complaint investigation to ensure it is resolved. You may be asked to attend meetings as part of the investigation process. The Students’ Union Advisers can attend these meetings with you for support and representation.
  • The investigator will report back their outcome to you. There are various outcomes depending on the nature of your complaint and the findings of the investigation. This may include that the student your complaint is about is subject to the Student Disciplinary process.