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You’re in for the best years of your life and ARU Students' Union will be right by your side for the whole journey.

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Here are some of the best things to try out at Freshers :




  • Try activities from our Give it a Go! scheme, including trips, activities and taster sessions with our Societies




We’re an independent charity that supports students through university. If you’re an Anglia Ruskin student studying in Cambridge*, Chelmsford*, Peterborough, London or a Distance Learner, you are a member of ARU Students’ Union.
*Excluding CRIC students

You become a member as soon as you enrol at Anglia Ruskin University; it’s automatic and it’s your right as a student.

Because we're independent from the University you get to decide how we’re run and what we do. You get to decide this by voting in our elections, getting your voice heard through Student Members Meetings or participating in campaigns. Our core function is representation, which means we dedicate almost all of our resources to making sure your voice gets heard in the University, that your rights as a student are upheld and you get the most out of your degree.

We also provide students with lots of opportunities to have fun, make friends and get experience outside of the classroom. You might be interested in volunteering, joining one of our societies, attending a ‘give it a go’ session, working for us or attending some of our fantastic events.


Everything we do is led by students, for students.