How We're Run

The Union is a Democracy

Each year you elect a new team of 6 Executive Officers to lead your Students' Union. 5 Officers act as both Trustees of the Union and political leaders.  

The Union is governed by a set of articles which you can read here: Articles of Association

The articles have a number of separate bye-laws. You can read the bye-laws here:

Bye-Law 1 - Membership

Bye-Law 2 - Setting the Direction

Bye-Law 3 - Officers and Reps

Bye-Law 4 - Elections

Bye-Law 5 - Student-Led Societies

Bye-Law 6 - Executive Committee & its Sub-Committees

Bye-Law 7- Trustee Sub Committee

Bye-Law 8 - Protecting Members

To ensure the Students' Union is student-led, students can submit Policy to the Students Members Meeting to instruct the Union to take action. To find out more about the Policy of the Students’ Union visit: Policy

The Union is a Charity

The object of the union is the advancement of education of students at Anglia Ruskin University for the public benefit by:

  • Promoting the interests and welfare of students at Anglia Ruskin University during their period of study and representing, supporting and advising students.
  • Being the recognised representative channel between students and Anglia Ruskin University and any other external bodies.
  • Providing social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities and forums for discussions and debate for the personal development of its students.

See our charity registration here.

The Union is also a Company Limited by Guarantee

The Union is also a company limited by guarantee (under company registration number 08064796). When you register as a student at Anglia Ruskin University, you automatically become a member of the Union. 

How will the Union contact me and provide me with information?

Anglia Ruskin University will provide the Union with your name, email address, campus/level/mode/year of study, your faculty, course and term time address. It will also provide us with some sensitive personal data (within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1998).

The Union will provide you with information (which might include notices) either by:

  • post or electronic means using the contact details supplied to the Union by Anglia Ruskin University;


      B.  by making it available on the Students’ Union website . 

By completing the registration task you consent to allow the Union to contact you and provide you with information in the manner set out above including for the purposes of our Articles of Association. 

As a Company Law Member the Union must be able to contact you. If you would rather that the Union did this by only using your postal address OR by only using your email address then you must tell us what your preference is in writing and send it to our registered address within 28 days of completing the registration task.

The Union has a Board of Trustees

Our Students' Union has a Board of Trustees made up of Student Trustees, External Trustees and the five Executive Officers. 

The Board of Trustees are responsible for the management and administration of the Union and may exercise all the powers of the Union. The Board is chaired by the President.  The Board of Trustees have responsibility for the budget, governance and strategy of the Union.

To ensure we remain student led, we appoint up to four students as Trustees on the Board.

The Current Trustee Board is:

Student Trustees

Lay Trustees

Officer Trustees

Tommaso Corciulo

Tanya Curry

Cavya Antony (Chair)

Sarah Strachan

Richard Halderthay

Divya Agarwal


Teresa Jordan Kevin Joy


Jason Snowdon

Ashique Salim


Nick Worrall

Sobin Sojan


The minutes from Board of Trustee meetings are available below