• Applications open!

  • Applications close

    Applications to run in the election will close at 2PM.

    Candidate Briefing for Faculty Reps 4PM on MS Teams.


  • Voting Opens!

    Voting is open from 9am online at

  • Voting closes at 2pm!

    Expenses deadline is at 3pm - make sure to send your completed forms to claim your money back.




What dates would I be in my role?

Voting closes at 11/10/24 and you will remain a rep until 31 July 2025.

Are the roles paid?

All roles in this election are voluntary, but there are some additional paid opportunities made available from reps.

Do I need experience?

No, anyone can apply for the rep roles, and all training will be provided.

Do I need a manifesto?

The Faculty Rep is the only role that needs a manifesto.

Who is RON?

RON stands for Re-Open Nominations and allows voters to cast against the listed candidates.

Can I vote for myself?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so!

Can I use a QR code or link?

Yes, the URL is

Can I Use My Professional Account To Campaign If I Work For ARU/the SU?

No. Use personal accounts only.

When/where can I vote?

You can vote online between 7 – 15 October 2024.

I'm a nursing student

Nursing students elect their representatives in class time, ask your tutor if you are without representation.

I can't vote, what can I do?

Get in touch with the representation team and we can help!

Got further questions? Contact one of the team below and they will be able to help you.

Emma Howes

Engagement Manager

Tom Heald

HeMS Rep Coordinator

Demi Smith

Democracy & Campaigns Coordinator

Jo Bunkle

AHESS Representation & Campaigns Coordinator

Rebecca Hinton

FBL & FSE Rep Coordinator


If you would like to speak to a member of staff about The Election, or if you have a question that has not been answered above you can submit your query to Demi, Democracy and Campaigns Coordinator via email.

If you would like to submit to a formal complaint about the election to our Deputy Returning Officer you can do so by completing the form on our complaints page.

Because we're independent from the University you get to decide how we’re run and what we do. You get to decide this by voting in our elections, getting your voice heard through Student Members Meetings or participating in campaigns. Our core function is representation, which means we dedicate almost all of our resources to making sure your voice gets heard in the University, that your rights as a student are upheld and you get the most out of your degree.