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Are you standing in The Bye-Election 2020? This page has important information for you to consider! You are about to embark on a really exciting journey and we are excited to support you through it. In this area you can find all sort of things that might be useful to you over the next couple of weeks so have a browse and see what's here. 


The following roles are available for you to apply for in the Bye-Election 2020: 

  • HEMS Faculty Rep (x1 Cambridge, x1 Peterborough) 
  • S&E Faculty Rep (x1 Chelmsford)
  • LGBT+ Rep (x1 Cambridge, x1 Chelmsford)
  • Trans Rep (x1 Cambridge, x1 Chelmsford)
  • Disabled Students' Rep (x1 Chelmsford)
  • BME Rep (x1 Chelmsford) 


To be eligible for a Faculty Rep role, you must: 


To be eligible for a Campaign Rep role, you must: 

Be a registered student at ARU for the entire 2020/2021 academic year;

Be a registered student at ARU for the entire 2020/2021 academic year;

Belong to the faculty the role represents;

Self-define as a member of liberation group the role represents;

Belong to the campus the role represents

Belong to the campus the role represents


To stand for a Campaign or Faculty Rep role, you must include the following when you nominate yourself: 

  • Submit a manifesto of a minimum of 10 words; 
  • Submit a photo 

Any questions, please contact


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Elections Questions: 

Use this anytime you have a question and before you submit, check to see if someone else has already had your question answered.

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Other useful links:

During voting week students are encouraged to vote online. You should also cast your votes during this week! Students can vote online here during voting week:  (Please use this link on all your publicity). 

Voting is open at 9am on Monday 12 October and closes at 2pm on Friday 16 October 2020


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