Executive Committee

Meet the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee leads the representation and campaigning work of the Students’ Union. They deliver campaigns to support liberation, equality, diversity and inclusion. They ensure policies passed by student members are upheld and consider student ideas.

The members of the Executive Committee are: The full time Officers (President and full time Vice Presidents), The Faculty Reps and the Campaign Reps. All of these positions are filled by students voted in by students to keep you at the center of everything we do. 

  • Shankar Sreenath


  • Akshay Kumbalath

    Vice President (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)

  • Rahman Abdul Salam

    Vice President (Science & Engineering)

  • Nithin Raj

    Vice President (Business & Law)

  • Rohit Dhyani

    Vice President (Health, Education, Medicine & Social Care)

  • Sharmeen Jawad

    Vice President (Healthcare Practice)

Cambridge Campaign Reps

Disabled Students’ Rep (Cambridge)

International Rep (Cambridge)

LGBT+ Students’ Rep (Cambridge)

Mental Health Rep (Cambridge)

Race Equality Rep (Cambridge)

Trans Students' Rep (Cambridge)

Women’s Rep (Cambridge)

Cambridge Faculty Reps

AHSS Faculty Rep (Cambridge)

B&L Faculty Rep (Cambridge)

HEMS Faculty Rep (Cambridge)

S&E Faculty Rep (Cambridge)

Chelmsford Campaign Reps

International Rep (Chelmsford)

Mental Health Rep (Chelmsford)

Women’s Rep (Chelmsford)

Chelmsford Faculty Reps

Peterborough Faculty Reps

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