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Are you passionate about our natural environment and social justice? Do you want to help do things differently? ARU’s Sustainability Society are looking for new Committee members, and it could be you!

- About the Society

The Sustainability society is an open society for all students at the Anglia Ruskin University. We strongly believe that since the moment you get accepted to the university you automatically become an agent of change and an advocate for sustainability. In the society we aim to help student understand the current challenges and showcase solutions that can help the community build a fairer and more sustainable future. We follow our ethos “become a global responsible citizen for a better future”.

A lot of the work is done in collaboration with the university to help deliver the current Sustainability Strategy but also help student understand that sustainability is not a current market trend but a way of living and thinking.

- In the society we value:

People (from everywhere, without discrimination, an equal world where everyone is treated fairly)

Planet (our ecosystems, resources that should be respected, protected and valued by all humans)


- What we are looking for:

President – You will be responsible for leading the Society, setting the agenda, and liaising with the university and wider SU in the drive towards a more sustainable university and community.

Treasurer – As Treasurer you will be responsible for ensuring that the Society’s finances are kept in good order, this includes being responsible for applying for money grants, keep record of expenses and receipts of all activities.


Marketing Coordinator – You will be responsible for developing marketing content for the society. This includes the management of the societies’ social media, promotion materials and wider communication strategy.

Events coordinator – As Events coordinator you will be responsible for running an exciting programme of events for the Society, and for working in collaboration with other committee members to run larger scale initiatives.


What will you get out of it?

As well as finding out more about sustainability, being on the committee is a great way of developing the sorts of skills and attributes that employers are looking for. Organising and chairing meetings, managing events, and liaising with members are all skills that will be highly valued in the workplace. Additionally, a formal record of the time you have spent volunteering can be recorded via the Students’ Union website, with the opportunity for you to win a range of prizes. Not only this will look great on your CV, but you will also be able to show real world experience and commitment to your future employees.


What last year’s President, Tatyana Sysak, says about the Society:

“It is important to always remember that sustainability is not just a current trend, consumer demand or strategy used my companies or organization. Being more sustainable is a question of survival for many individuals today that fight everyday against extreme weather conditions and natural disasters, it’s a question of survival for endangered species and other animals that lose their habitat every day. We cannot anymore look at sustainability as a question of Trying, it should be a constant Must in our lives if we want to guarantee life on earth tomorrow.”


Who to contact?

- If you would like to find out more about these roles and nominate yourself , please contact or

- If you would like to know more about sustainability at ARU and other projects that you can get involved contact

- To know more about the experience of being a committee member or if you have any other questions from student to student , please contact or


Activities developed in the Past (Optional)

Previously, the society was actively involved in a number of activities and initiatives both student-led and in partnership with the university, Global Sustainability Institute (GSI), Students Union (SU) and wider community. Some of these include

- Creating an orchard at a local secondary school

Students from ARU’s Sustainability Society successfully applied for funding from Sustainability charity, ChangeAgents UK, as part of a project to create an orchard in a local secondary school in an area of high deprivation in Cambridge. Volunteers from the Society and students from across ARU worked with the school to plant 13 fruit trees in their grounds. The project was a fantastic success with pupils and student volunteers working side by side to make change happen. You can find out more about the project here.

- Running ARU’s first ‘Save our World’ day

In March 2019, the Sustainability Society worked with staff from across ARU to host ‘Save our World’ day, The one-day event featured talks, interactive workshops, and a panel debate, and was designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to create a more just and environmentally sustainable world. You can find out more about the day here. With speakers such as Lush and Extinction Rebellion, the event was full of practical ways for students to become more sustainable. You can find out more here.

- Changing how we use plastics on campus

Students at ARU worked closely with the university’s Sustainable Purchasing and Food Group to explore alternatives to the polystyrene containers that were being used in the canteen. Following over a year of lobbying and research, students successfully supported catering staff to switch to using Vegware; a move that saved roughly 40,000 containers from going to landfill each year.

- ARU Sustainability Summit

The ARU sustainability Summit 2021 was an initiative in collaboration with the Anglia Ruskin University and the Students Union that aimed to celebrate the planet, the university and its commitment to sustainability. Over a 3-days summit (21, 22 ,23 of April), students had the chance to hear from current staff members, students, local governments and international organization on topics of youth activism, climate change and climate action, the SDG’S and the current ARU plans to tackle issues related to sustainability. Recordings can be found here:

- Be part of a University Sustainability Committee

In order to support the delivery of the current ARU Sustainability Strategy 2021-2026 and work towards a more sustainable university, you are welcomed to join Working Groups and Sustainability Committees meeting to help represent the student voice in wider sustainability matters. This includes the Student Sustainability working Group designed for students, the Sustainability Operations Group and Sustainability Strategy group with other members of staff and ARU Environmental Team.

Please note that the above examples are some of the activities that you could replicate however as part of the Society Committee you are free to run other innovative ideas and event that you believe to be beneficial and relevant (This could be movie nights, quizzes, forums, interactive walks and others).

Be creative and most importantly have fun, the society is a safe space for everyone to learn and make your university experience even greater!


Good luck!


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