The Student Summit

What is The Student Summit?

As your Students’ Union, we are committed to making sure everything we do is as representative and as student-led as possible. The Student Summit is your space to let us know about your experiences and what big issues you feel need fixing! You will also get the chance to find out what your elected representatives have been up to since being elected into post and asking them questions to make sure we are representing your best interests.

How do I get invovled?

You can come along and have your voice heard. You can vote on policy and our annual reports. You can tell us about your experiences at ARU. And most importantly, you can vote on the policies that are presented to Student Summit, guiding the SU to do exactly what students want!

How can I hold elected officers to account?

At all Student Members Meeting (SMM) there will be an opportunity for elected officers to be held to account for their work. Full Time members of the Executive Committee will provide an report on work they have done and future plans, at least 14 days prior to the SMM for circulation to all students. This may include circulation by email, social media and via the website. Part Time members of the Executive Committee will be given the opportunity to address the SMM and provide verbal updates.

The SMM will also receive a written summary of Executive Committee activity based on the minutes of Executive Committee meetings and confirmed by the Chair of the Executive Committee.

Students will have the opportunity to raise questions relating to the Executive Committee reports and updates during the SMM, which will be recorded in the minutes. This may include requests to change a section of a report or the direction of future work.