What is a rep?

what is a rep?

You’re part of the community at ARU and we are here to help you have your say on your experience.

We have over 600 students taking on Rep roles each year and we want every student to be included.

Click on the tiles below to see how you can get involved.

Be an Officer

The only elected paid members of the Executive Committee. They represent an entire faculty and all students at ARU.

Be a Faculty Rep

Elected to represent all the students in one faculty on one campus.

Be a Course Rep

Elected to represent their year or tutor group of their course.

Be a PGR Rep

Elected to represent Post Graduate research students in their faculty.

Be an NUS Rep

Elected to represent ARU at the NUS National Conference. Voting on policies that affect all students.

Applications for Part time roles open September 9th 2024.

Applications for Officers open Jan 2025.



Emma Howes

Engagement Manager

Tom Heald

HeMS Rep Coordinator

Demi Smith

Democracy & Campaigns Coordinator

Jo Bunkle

AHESS Representation & Campaigns Coordinator

Rebecca Hinton

FBL & FSE Rep Coordinator