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Compliments & Comments

We aim to put Anglia Ruskin students at the forefront of everything that we do and to represent, serve and support all Anglia Ruskin students to enhance their university experience. In this spirit we welcome your compliments and comments which can help in the development of our service to students.
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Let us know if we're doing something wrong or if we're doing something right.

Your feedback will help us to improve. 

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What to do when things go wrong

We recognise that occasionally an individual may wish to complain about the services or treatment they have received from Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union. Where possible this should be dealt with informally with the individuals concerned. 
Where this is not possible, or does not produce a satisfactory outcome, this policy sets out the formal procedure for dealing with disputes with the Students’ Union, in particular complaints arising from disputes between a student/other member of the University and elected officers, staff and/or the Union itself. 
You will be asked to explain any informal attempts to resolve the problem or reasons why this was not possible when you submit a formal complaint.
Please note; Complaints must be raised within 28 days of the event or occurrence giving grounds for the complaint to be considered valid. 
Complainants should note that Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union is an independent organisation and not a department of the University, or branch of the National Union of Students. Therefore complaints can only be addressed to the company itself, and not to any third party organisations. 
You can see how your complaint will be dealt with by reading our full complaints procedure and complaints form here.
If you would like any further guidance or assistance or are unsure about any of the above, please contact 
The President, 
Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT
Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union, Bishop Hall Lane, Chelmsford, CM1 1SQ
If the complaint is against the President then it should be addressed to 
The Vice President c/o either of the Union addresses above.