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Campaigning is vitally important to make positive changes both here at Anglia Ruskin and in the wider community. Below are the campaigns we will be working on this year with our Officer Team and our Campaign Reps. If you have any more campaign ideas, let us know!

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In the mean time, head over to last year’s campaign pages, Just a Thought, Take a Break and Just a Thought, Keep an Open Mind to see our hints and tips of how to get through stressful times, and who to contact if you need support. 


This year, your Officer Team's priority campaign is Let's Be Honest, a campaign designed to raise awareness of mental health issues and how to access the wide range of support that is available at Anglia Ruskin. Our vision is for Anglia Ruskin University to be a community that cares for each other. To find out more click here.

Keep Wednesday Afternoons Free (KWAF)

I believe Wednesday afternoons should be free for students to take part in extra and co-curricular activities and have the opportunity to catch up on coursework and practise good self-care; we pay enough! To find out more click here.

Global Unity on Campus

I believe there should be global unity at Anglia Ruskin. Having a more diverse and united campus will improve cultural awareness and community among ARU students. To find out more click here.

Representation in Sport

Student representation is at the heart of what we do at ARU; but there is a gap in Sport. I believe students should be involved in the decision making process for campus sport, competitive sport and sporting events at ARU. To find out more click here.

Safer Taxi Scheme

I believe every student should be able to get home safely without feeling scared or vulnerable, which is why I am working on a Safer Taxi Scheme for Anglia Ruskin. Find out more and get involved here.

Let's Talk About Sex

As your LGBT+ Student's Rep for Cambridge, this year my aim is to make sure that ARU is a more sexually healthy campus by offering free contraception methods; free STI tests and offer free workshops to all students regarding safer sex, to find out more or to get in touch with me click here.

Let's Hear It

As your Communications Rep for Cambridge, I am after ideas! Tell me and the Students' Union what needs changing or adding by adding an Idea here or just vote up the ideas you agree with.

Women's Only Hour

I am campaigning to ensure a Women’s Only Hour is implemented at Anglia Ruskin University in collaboration with Active Anglia. To find out why I'm doing this and how it's going please click here.

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