Campaigning is vitally important to make positive changes both here at Anglia Ruskin University and in the wider community. It is through campaigning that the Executive Committee transform students’ ideas into positive change. Check out some of our campaigns below and keep your eyes open for our Committees current campaigns.

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
Campaign Reflection - Bidets

Mon 24 Jun 2024

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
Campaign Reflection - Catering

Mon 24 Jun 2024

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
Achieving Automatic Voter Registration

Wed 19 Jun 2024

Photo of a hand putting a paper slip into a voting ballot with a yellow background.

A Success Story for Our Students' Union...Learn More

Get Heard
Vice-President for Business & Law Slashes Class Sizes!

Thu 01 Feb 2024

Alongside student and staff support, Neelima secures smaller class sizes for FBL students!...Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
Get Scam Savvy!

Fri 28 Jul 2023

A group of five students sitting around a table in the Student Union space.

The internet is filled with fraudsters, from housing scams to people impersonating the government. Check out these top tips to keep yourself safe from scams!...Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
New Prayer Spaces for Chelmsford

Fri 02 Jun 2023

Whilst Cambridge campus enjoys dedicated prayer spaces, I saw that Chelmsford students were still having to make do with temporary space in Mildmay. So working with student societies and ARU, we've gotten a commitme...Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
HEMS Placement Travel Guide

Mon 22 May 2023

A picture of the HEMS placement guide cover, featuring various forms of public transport on a teal b

With the ongoing Cost of Living crisis, I want to make sure no one is missing out on how to save money when travelling to placements. Make sure you're getting the most out of travel near you!...Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
Student Renter's Guide Re-Release

Thu 11 May 2023

The Student Renter's Guide was first written in 2018 by a student for students, to help avoid the potential pitfalls of private renting and give helpful hints and tips. Since then a lot has changed in renting legisl...Learn More

Webinar Induction
Cost of Living Campaign

Thu 20 Oct 2022

The current UK cost of living crisis is affecting everyone, and students are no exception. We can no longer stand by idly while students are focused on surviving rather than enjoying their experience at ARU. It’s ti...Learn More

Part Time Officers
World Mental Health Day 2022

Mon 10 Oct 2022

International Students Rep (Cambridge), Murthy Peddinti, talks about how arriving in a new country can strain mental health and his top tips on how to keep a healthy mind....Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
Ending Period Poverty

Wed 04 May 2022

No one should have to live through period poverty, and to eliminate it at ARU, HEMS VP Divya Agarwal made sure that the university provides access to free sanitary products for all!...Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
Holi 2022

Tue 03 May 2022

Holi is a time of spring; love, and forgiveness. Sobin Sojan, AHSS VP, talks about what Holi is and the amazing colour run celebration he organised at ARU Cambridge....Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
Reclaim the Night 2022

Wed 23 Mar 2022

This year, on March 11th, I attend the Reclaim the Night march, to show that female-identifying and non-binary people had the right to safety when out at night. I wanted to share my experience of the night, and why ...Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
2019-20 Campaigns: ARUaccessible Report

Wed 08 Jul 2020

ARUaccessible logo with three accessibility icons and the ARU Students' Union logo above it

The full ARUaccessible report with recommendations!...Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
Mental health support apps

Tue 19 Nov 2019

You VP AHSS brings you some quick and easy apps to support your mental health...Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
Break the Cycle: Access to mental health services at ARU

Wed 13 Nov 2019

Other universities in the country have already started to make the first step at tackling mental health by using the Big White Wall as well as Slivercloud in conjunction with one another. These include, but are not ...Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
2019-20 Campaigns: The Rent Report

Fri 25 Oct 2019

Read all about the rent report! Fraser has been analysing the results of the Rent Survey, which was launched last year....Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union

Fri 11 Oct 2019

Your VP AHSS Amanda Campbell-White has an update on the #RaiseTheBarARU campaign to get an SU bar on the Cambridge Campus. Read all about it!...Learn More

Extinction Rebellion
Planetary Massacre: An Appeal to Anglia Ruskin University

Wed 27 Mar 2019 More

Get Heard
2018-19 Campaigns: 'Hello, my pronouns are...' (Michael Turner and Niamh Cubitt)

Fri 01 Feb 2019

Your Cambridge LGBT+ and Trans reps are giving out free pronoun badges - find out why!...Learn More

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union
Matt Hayes: A New Campaign on Drug Testing

Tue 29 Jan 2019

We are living in a transitional time for the conversation around drugs....Learn More