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Exam Support

What should I do if...

I am feeling stressed during the exam period?

Students can access wellbeing support via the university Counselling and Wellbeing Service, Counselling and mental health support (sharepoint.com).

Students can also seek support from the Chaplaincy service.

SilverCloud - ARU is an online programme which students can access to help manage anxiety, stress and low mood.

I can’t meet my deadline?

If you require additional time you may want to request an extension.

If you are unable to submit your work on time you may want to consider submitting your work late – Submitting your work late (sharepoint.com).

I was ill and not able to attend my exam?

You may want to consider an exceptional circumstances claim – Exceptional Circumstances (angliastudent.com).

This allows for a student’s personal circumstances to be considered.

If your exam was less than one week ago you should book an appointment with the university advice service at Student Advice Service (sharepoint.com).

If your exam / assessment was more than one week ago you should book an appointment with the SU Advice service. You can do that at Book an Appointment (angliastudent.com).

I failed my exam / assessment?

If you feel that personal circumstances impacted you may want to consider an Exceptional Circumstances (angliastudent.com).

If you feel that other reasons impacted your performance you may wish to discuss these with an SU Advisor, appointments can be made at Book an Appointment (angliastudent.com).

I have received an email telling me my mark is held?

A held mark indicates that your work is under investigation for suspected academic misconduct.

You can find out what is happening at Academic Misconduct (angliastudent.com).

Do check your emails for updates. If you receive an allegation of academic misconduct, we recommend booking an appointment with an SU advisor for impartial and confidential advice. You can do so at Book an Appointment (angliastudent.com).

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