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Shortlist announced!
Made a Difference Awards logo with Shortlist announced

The Made a Difference shortlist is announced. Find out if those you nominated could be in with a chance of winning an award. Join us on Tuesday 29th June at 5.30pm to see the results!

Meet your new Officer Team

Our officers set the direction of the Students' Union, ensuring we are a truly student led organisation. They are the face of the SU and the voice of students across all of our campuses. Find out who was elected for 2021/22.

Incubation Centre Launch
Omkar Singh's Campaign, the ARU Incubation Centre

We are very proud to announce a major win - the University has approved plans to move forward with the Incubation Centre project! We could not have done this without your feedback, letting us know this was so important to you. Thank you!

Accommodation Update

An update from your Officer Team on the accommodation issues that many of you are facing.

The Group Chat - November 2020
The Group Chat - Join the conversation here.

The Group Chat - Hear Officer and Executive Committee updates plus the latest progress on Policy.

The Artists behind your new Freshers' 2020 page

This year ARU Students' Union partnered with two talented students at ARU to bring you a brand new Freshers' page, find out more about the students behind this years digital space.

Your Guide to Cambridge

Everything you need to know about Cambridge!

Your Guide to Chelmsford

Everything you need to know about Chelmsford!

ARU Business Incubation Centre

Read more about your Vice President Omkar's hope to have an Incubation Centre at ARU, the place where ideas turns to reality...

2019-20 Campaigns: ARUaccessible Report
ARUaccessible logo with three accessibility icons and the ARU Students' Union logo above it

The full ARUaccessible report with recommendations!

2019-20 Campaigns: Update on Digital Accessibility

All teaching materials should be accessible to students to help them learn best.

What is it like to run a society?

Always wished you had run your society? Have a flair for event planning? Or just want to be part of a great team?

2019-20 Campaigns: Brexit Policy Update

this is your officer update discussing policy they have worked on during this academic year.

2019-20 ARUaccessible Campaign Update

Thank you to all the students that took part in the ARUaccessible campaign last semester! Here is my campaign update February 2020

What is a Course Rep?

Being a Course Rep sounds all well and good… but what exactly is a Course Rep?

How to enjoy uni as a commuting student

Here is how you can still enjoy the uni experience and get involved as a commuting student.

How can I build my confidence this Fresher's? Quiz

Take our quiz to find out how you can push your limits and become more confident this Freshers!

How to deal with feeling nervous about moving out

It’s okay to feel some anxiety about moving out of your home into student accommodation. But here’s some tips on making it an easier process.

Your Guide to Peterborough

Everything you need to know about Peterborough!

Your Guide to London

Everything you need to know about London!

Recipes: the beginner's guide to cooking
dried spaghetti with dried pasta on top

Are you still eating beans on toast? Read this article for some easy meals to master.