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SU Awards Winners
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Celebrate the outstanding achievements of ARU students with this year's SU Awards results!

The ARU Students' Union Gender Expression Fund
Text reading "Gender Expression Fund" above a transgender pride flag

The Union recognises the potential financial burden that can be faced by students undergoing any level of gender identity transition. To ensure students can live as their most authentic self, regardless of their economic background, we have created this fund to allow students of any means to buy items that most match their identity.

Registering with a GP
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If you happen to feel unwell during your time at ARU, there are health services available to help you.

Support for Students - Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents
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How can you tell when a crime becomes a hate crime and what should you do if you witness one?

Prayer Space Project
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Sharmeen, your Student Union officer (Vice President Healthcare Practice) has been working closely with Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) and the Chelmsford Islamic Society to establish a Muslim Prayer space at ARU Chelmsford.

Get Scam Savvy!
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The internet is filled with fraudsters, from housing scams to people impersonating the government. Check out these top tips to keep yourself safe from scams!

New Prayer Spaces for Chelmsford

Whilst Cambridge campus enjoys dedicated prayer spaces, I saw that Chelmsford students were still having to make do with temporary space in Mildmay. So working with student societies and ARU, we've gotten a commitment to building permanent prayer spaces for all our students!

HEMS Placement Travel Guide
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With the ongoing Cost of Living crisis, I want to make sure no one is missing out on how to save money when travelling to placements. Make sure you're getting the most out of travel near you!

Student Renter's Guide Re-Release

The Student Renter's Guide was first written in 2018 by a student for students, to help avoid the potential pitfalls of private renting and give helpful hints and tips. Since then a lot has changed in renting legislation, so we've updated our guide with all the current rules; laws and guidance.

Ending Period Poverty

No one should have to live through period poverty, and to eliminate it at ARU, HEMS VP Divya Agarwal made sure that the university provides access to free sanitary products for all!

Holi 2022

Holi is a time of spring; love, and forgiveness. Sobin Sojan, AHSS VP, talks about what Holi is and the amazing colour run celebration he organised at ARU Cambridge.

Reclaim the Night 2022

This year, on March 11th, I attend the Reclaim the Night march, to show that female-identifying and non-binary people had the right to safety when out at night. I wanted to share my experience of the night, and why it is so important we continue to fight for women's rights all across the globe.

Safer Nights Out

Our statement to clubs requiring more safety, and resources that may be useful for those feeling unsafe on a night out.

Your Guide to Cambridge

Everything you need to know about Cambridge!

Your Guide to Chelmsford

Everything you need to know about Chelmsford!

Your Guide to London

Everything you need to know about London!

Recipes: the beginner's guide to cooking
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Are you still eating beans on toast? Read this article for some easy meals to master.