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Disability History Month: My experience as a student with dyslexia

Mary Copsey, your Vice President for the Faculty of Business and Law, shares her experiences as a student with dyslexia!

Disability Awareness Month – tips for life as a disabled student

Being a disabled student can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Here are our top tips to get the most out of your experience.

What is MAD anyway?

Seen all this MAD stuff everywhere, on social media, and all over the walls, but have no idea what it’s all about? Read on to find out.

Body Positivity and Confidence

Your AHSS Vice President Amanda shares her thoughts about Body Positivity.

2018-19 Campaigns: Best Night Out (Amanda Campbell White and Matt Hayes)

Your VP for AHSS, Amanda Campbell White, and your VP for FSE, Matt Hayes, are aiming to provide fun and safe nights out for all students!

Nominate for a Made a Difference Award

Recognise outstanding members of ARU Staff who have really made a difference to the lives of students at ARU.

How to deal with exam/deadline stress

If you are getting worried over your upcoming deadlines and exams, here’s how you can deal with the stress.

Take our quiz: What is a Carer? Am I one?

Anyone can be a carer although you may not realise it at first. Caring responsibilities may include: personal care, household management (e.g. managing finances), physical care, emotional support and practical tasks. ARU is dedicated to supporting you with your studies whilst juggling your other responsibilities.

The Rent Campaign

Laura Douds speaks about why the elected officers are running the Rent Campaign and shares her housing story. Find out more.

Disability History Month: What's going on?

Join us and be part of our discussions and events where we talk about what it really means to be disabled in the 21st century.

Awesome Christmas presents on a budget with TOTUM powered by NUS

Struggling to find the money to get Christmas presents? Find out how you can use your TOTUM card powered by NUS to get some awesome presents!

How to write a great Made a Difference nomination

If you’re unsure of how to write a good quality nomination, here are our tips to make it amazing!

Why I am running Best Night Out and raising awareness of Sexual Taboo

Check out what Amanda has written about Student Sex workers and how her research has supported her actions to run Best Night Out events to raise awareness of Sexual Health and start important conversations.

What is the Group Chat?

We have made the decision this year to rebrand in line with our new articles and bye-laws (the terms and conditions your SU follows) to make Student Council more representative, more accessible and more student-led.

Matthew Ensor, Chief Executive moving on

The Chief Executive at ARU Students’ Union is leaving the Students' Union.

Why The Group Chat is more important than ever

Find out why you should definitely be going to The Group Chat.

Books Plus is Changing – but there’s no need to panic!

Are you panicking about the changes to Book Plus? We’re here to reassure you.

What does the Books Plus change mean for me?

Books Plus is changing, and we’re here to give you all the information you need.

People's Patch Volunteering Project

Find out about the People's Patch, and why you should get involved.

What is ARU Students’ Union?

Find out exactly who we are, and what we can offer you!

A day in the life of a Societies and Activities Coordinator

Check out what our very own Societies and Activities Coordinator has to say about the job he loves.

Are you worried about your upcoming assignments?

Is there something preventing you from achieving your best? Find out how the Advice Service can help.

How it felt to win a MAD Award

Find out what Study Support Adviser Jane Bousfield thought about winning a MAD award.

How to juggle being a student and a parent

Being a student parent can be difficult – but we’re here to help.

What winning two MAD awards meant to me

Nicky Milner shares her experience of winning two MAD awards.

How winning a MAD Award felt

Find out what MAD Award winner Oriola Sallavaci says about how it felt to win a MAD Award.

Too much spare time?

Don't know what to do with your spare time? Here are a few tips!

How it felt to win the Outstanding Personal Tutor award

Kate Houlden shares how it felt to be a winner at the 2018 SU Awards.

How you can manage exam/deadline stress in Cambridge

Stress can make it hard to motivate yourself to revise or work on your assignments. Here’s how you can help manage it.

Has something happened in your personal life?

The course of a student’s life never did run smooth… But no fear, because ARU Students’ Union are here to help you.

Tips for commuting during the winter months
a winter scene with a man walking through it

Are you a regular commuter, dreading commuting during the winter? Then read this article for some tips to make it bearable!

How you can manage exam/deadline stress in Chelmsford

Stress can make it hard to motivate yourself to revise or work on your assignments. Here’s how you can help manage it.

What if I need an extension?

Are you feeling like you might need an extension? Read on to find out how ARU Students’ Union Advice Service can help.

What if I’m unhappy with my grade?

Have you received your grade back and you’re unhappy with what you got? Find out how ARU Students’ Union can help you.

What am I stressed about? Quiz

Take this quiz to find out what's stressing you out, and how you can deal with it with help from ARU Students' Union Advice Service.

How you can use 92 during exam time

Exams and deadlines are around the corner… But it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom!

Are you worried about what academic support is available?

Are you coming to ARU in the new academic year, but you’re anxious about what support is available for your studies? ARU Students’ Union is here to help.

Top 15 self-care tips
A jar of white scrub product, with a brush and an orchid flower head.

We want to share some tips on how you can look after yourself at uni.

Five ways to keep your house happy
Welcome mat that some Home with a red heart as the 'O'

Whether you want tips to make your already happy house better, or you really need to settle the tension between you and your flat mates, then read this article.

What if I’m struggling with my placement?

Are you finding your placement difficult for any reason? Here’s how the ARU Students’ Union Advice Service can help you.

Dear International Students… What help there is available

Going to a new place can be really scary… But we’re here to help you feel at home. Read on to find out about all the support available at ARU.

Dear International Students… How to make the most of studying at ARU

We’re so glad you’re going to be studying with us! Here’s how you can make the most out of your time here.

Ten Reasons you should nominate someone for a Made a Difference Award

The Made a Difference Awards are a special time to show your staff how much you appreciate what they do – so why should you nominate someone?

Why sign up to a Give it a Go?

Why not? One of our students gives her view on why Give It a Go's are awesome!

A Disabled Student's Guide to Freshers

Alice Goodheart gives her top tips as a student who knows

'Am I too old for Freshers?': Taking the plunge

Feeling worried you won't fit in as a mature student? A student whose been there and done it tells you why there's no need to worry.

Student Discount Card

Buy yours to get thousands of discounts

How to make your Student Loan stretch

No money? We know how you feel...

Top Tips to help beat homesickness

Missing home or struggling to settle in? Here are some top tips on how to beat the blues.

Why become a Student Trustee?

What's a Trustee? How can I get involved? Read on to find out.