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2018-19 Campaigns: 'Hello, my pronouns are...' (Michael Turner and Niamh Cubitt)

Your Cambridge LGBT+ and Trans reps are giving out free pronoun badges - find out why!

and we are your LGBT43 and Trans reps respectivelycampaignsmichaelniamhHellowe are Niamh and Michael
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Hello, we are Niamh and Michael, and we are your LGBT+ and Trans reps (respectively). Feedback from students suggests that for some people, it is difficult to have a conversation about pronouns, while others don’t feel comfortable enough to explain their pronouns. With this campaign, we want to create a welcoming and comfortable environment that prompts healthy conversations about pronouns on campus.

We will be looking to get feedback through an initial trial period, with a view to eventually offering the opportunity to add more pronouns to the selection, as well as alternative designs to the badges.


  • Generate a dialogue about pronouns and identity
  • Improve the university experience for both cis (people who identify with the gender they were born with) and trans students. 


The badges have arrived...!!!! Check out our launch on Monday, February 4th during LGBT+ History Month!

Did you pick up a pronoun badge and have feedback or stories about how your experience was wearing your badge?

Click here to tell the campaign how it went!


Laura Douds
12:20pm on 4 Feb 19 So proud of you guys for this!! I've picked mine up and am wearing it round the office :)
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