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World Mental Health Day 2022

International Students Rep (Cambridge), Murthy Peddinti, talks about how arriving in a new country can strain mental health and his top tips on how to keep a healthy mind.

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It’s Okay not to be Okay

As an international student, getting adapted to change is very difficult. Let's talk about how we can cope with change:

1. The most important thing is to make friends. We all miss our family and friends back home. There are Friends International Cambs - iCafe events every Monday where you can meet new friends from different cultures. Also, the Students' Union Space is the best to make friends. There are a lot of events happening at the SU all the time so be sure to check out the What's On page!
2. There is a culture shock when we first arrive in a new place. We feel disoriented when we experience an unfamiliar way of life. Make new friends and hang out with them, there is a lot to explore in Cambridge like Museums, shopping centres like Grafton, Castle Hill etc. So take a Day tour of Cambridge and experience life!
3. We all face monetary issues after we arrive here, but there are plenty of job opportunities in Cambridge. Register with ARU Temps and apply for the best suitable part-time jobs. You can always directly approach employers when you stroll around the city too like at local cafes; shops, and pubs.
4. We all take time to adapt to the language and accent of the local people. Our University is providing English language support for all the students. I suggest you enrol and make the most out of the course.
5. Lastly, TAKE A BREAK! I know we have a lot to catch up on with respect to Assignments, Courses, Presentations etc. It is important to take a break from your studies and enjoy your personal space.

I hope these tips help you to cope with change. Feel free to reach out to me or any SU member if you want to talk. We’re here for you!



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