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2018-19 Campaigns: Peer Mentoring (Fraser Luther-Yarwood)

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Hi! I’m Fraser and I am the Vice President for the Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care.

What I am to achieve from this project is to provide an opportunity for students to have access to a student mentor who can be a point of contact to help support them adjust to university life. While lecturers may not necessarily be there every time a student needs them, a student mentor can be there as an experienced other.


  • I aim to have project up and running by September 2019 to facilitate student mentoring
  • I aim to have student mentors effectively trained to be a mentor
  • I aim to also have new students feeling comfortable and having a good experience in their time at uni


At the start of the semester I co-chaired a Faculty Partnership Team meeting in which the idea of the peer mentoring programme was raised by myself. The faculty staff were fully supportive of the idea and were keen to offer their help and experience they have to make the programme work effectively for students.

I later had a meeting with Andrea Cheshire (Director of Student Services) who was equally as enthusiastic and supportive of the programme and we are both getting in touch with another university who has a similar program to the one we want to launch

The most recent update is that there is now a working group looking to set up a university wide ‘buddy’ programme in which I will be feeding into from a union stand point.


Charlotte Owusu
2:19am on 11 Feb 19 This is a really good idea. I never heard of such before. Hope this campaign goes well to support many students like me.
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