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What's next?

  • Please book in a handover meeting with your all of your outgoing 2020-21 committee and your incoming 2021-22 committee, as well as your coordinator. 
  • Once you've decided a time which works with both your committees, you can check your coordinator's availability and book a meeting with them here. 
  • You must have booked a handover meeting by 5pm on Wednesday 30th June to ensure a smooth transition between committees. 
  • We will contact incoming committee members with details of committee training in the coming weeks
  • The last Committee Forum of this academic year will be at 5pm on Tuesday 25th May and we ask that both outgoing and incoming committees attend. Click here for more information about committee forum or to submit a topic for discussion. 
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Frequently asked questions

  • When do I start my role? Over the coming weeks we ask that outgoing committees liaise with incoming committees to arrange a handover meeting with your coordinator. Head to the committee hub to check your coordinator’s availability and book a meeting. Outgoing committees will officially finish their role on 31st July and incoming committees will commence their role on 1st August.
  • What if there’s a draw? In the event of a draw (where multiple candidates receive the same amount of votes) the result is determined randomly by a coin toss.
  • Why is my society not listed above? This will be because: a) they formed this academic year and the committee is eligible to continue their role into the next academic year; b) there were no candidates for any committee positions; or c) the existing society committee were unresponsive and an election has therefore not been arranged.
  • What does RON mean? This stands for re-open nominations and is automatically listed as a candidate for all positions. If RON received the most votes, nominations will reopen for members to put themselves forward for election. RON is also listed on positions where candidates have put themselves forward but no votes have been cast.
  • What if I won but can no longer fulfil the role? All committee members must be current ARU students, so if you’re no longer going to be a student next year, or you no longer wish to take on a role, please contact us. Your votes will be redistributed to the remaining candidates to determine who will win. If your redistributed votes elect RON then nominations will reopen.
  • I think there’s been a mistake? If something doesn’t look quite right, please email and we’ll get back to you.