Committee Elections

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Please see below for the current by-elections running for our Chelmsford and Cambridge clubs and societies. These elections allow members to democratically decide who will lead their society in the next academic year. 

This by-election also introduces the role of Campaign Officers to each society - these roles have automatuically been added to most societies' elections. If you'd like to know more about the role head here, and use the form below to add a Campaign Officer to your election if you don't have the role already.

Please take a moment to read through our Committee Election Regulations - click here to view them. These regulations are for the 2022/23 elections held in April, but still apply to our by-elections.


You must be logged into your student account and hold a full standard membership to a society to nominate and vote in the elections.


Make sure to check out the October Course & Faculty Rep Elections too!









  • Nominations open!

    Online nominations will open at 9am.

  • Nominations close!

    Nominations will close at 12pm.

  • Voting Opens!

    Voting is open from 9am.

  • Voting Closes!

    Voting closes at 9am.
  • The Final Results

    Results will be published for the October Election on this page by 5pm Friday. Successful candidates will receive an email.



You can only hold a maximum of three (3) positions in one academic year at one time, and a maximum of one (1) President role. You cannot hold more than one committee role per society.
If you can't find a role up for nomination and believe there has been a mistake, please contact your coordinator.
Unfortunately, Associate Members cannot vote in the Club and Society Committee Elections.



Do you have a question or query about the Committee Elections? 

If so, please send an email to and a member of the Student Opportunities Team will get back to you soon.