Affiliation & Memberships

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To be officially affiliated as a society, you must have:

  • a signed and dated Constitution Pack (also known as a startup pack)
  • a President and Treasurer (but other positions are encouraged too)
  • at least 10 paid members after your first two months of activity
  • read and understood the Student Opportunities Policy Handbook.

Guides & Policies

Clubs and Societies Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Students

Student Opportunities Disciplinary and Complaints Procedure

Social Media Guide

Sponsorship Guide

Initiations Policy 

Associate Membership Policy

Activities Insurance Policy

Guest Speaker Policy

Faith Worker Policy

Freedom of Speech and Prevent Guidance

IT Policy

Media Loans Policy

Meetings On University Property

Associate Member Application

Please fill in the form below to apply for an associate member application at one of our clubs or societies. Please be aware that the Union holds the right to refuse membership in line with our Associate Membership Policy. 

Societies and Clubs can have one (1) associate member for every ten (10) paid student members. Your application must show the benefit you as an associate member would provide to the group. You must also be endorsed by a current committee member for your chosen group.