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The Committee Forum is a discussion space for the committee members of SU-affiliated clubs and societies. The Forum meets monthly online, and you can find these dates on the Committee Calendar.

The SU expects a representative from each club and society to attend the Forum and if a representative is unable to attend, the group must send their apologies before the Forum takes place.

Regular absence from the forums may result in reduced grant allocations, the ability to book room on campus, and other benefits that our clubs and societies receive.

What gets discussed at Forum?

  • New group affiliations
  • Club and society updates
  • Upcoming events
  • Any changes that affect clubs and societies
  • Any upcoming deadlines groups should be aware of (e.g. Grants Funding)
  • Any additional topics for discussion that clubs and societies want to discuss. 

More details about the purpose of Forum can also be found in Bye Law 5, which outlines the rules for the governance of SU-affiliated student groups at ARU Students' Union. 



Want to suggest a topic for discussion? Use the link below to suggestion an item for discussion.

If you submit an item for discussion and it makes it to the agenda, you or someone from your society will be expected to discuss the point in the meeting. 

The cut-off date for submissions is the Friday before each Committee Forum. Any suggestions submitted after this date will be carried over to the following forum.




The newsletters come out after each forum, and receive a summary of what went on in that month's forum. They also contain information that may have come up since the forum. We recommend checking your spam folder in case you miss this.