Safer Nights Out

Safer Nights Out

Going on a night out is a massive part of university life for some students, and can be a great way to have fun and make friends. We love making everyone feel safe in our venues! But it’s really important that you understand and know the facts about alcohol, intoxication, and staying safe while you’re having fun.


Don’t drink alcohol just for the sake of drinking! Many of our events are Alcohol free, and remember at all occasions Alcohol is optional. You can still be the life of the night with a J2O in hand. Don't be led to believe that you have to say yes to fit in, standing up to peer pressure will gain respect, whatever you decide we are here running safer nights out for you. 

If you do decide to drink, try to stick to drinks you actually like, rather than just drinking something because all your friends are. Take your time, and explore what’s on offer, but don’t go crazy with the drink all at once. Check out what units you're drinking here.

We suggest our Safer Nights Out or Daytime Events during your time at ARU - which can be found on our Events list below. Additionally, if you're worried about starting University alone, why not join a society? Societies are great ways to find support in a community. But, even with all of this, if you do find yourself needing to talk, looking for additional support or simply generally want some guidance about discrimination, bullying, sexual violence, consent and more check out the Unsilenced or Sexual Violence links below.


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We have some tips for staying safe while you’re out:

  • Please look after your mates! It’s fair to say there is often safety in numbers, and whilst at uni your friends are the people who know you best, and have your interests at heart.


  • Remember to keep an eye on your friends! Massive changes in behaviour can be a warning that something is wrong. On campus there are loads of people you can turn to for help, including our staff, or any member of ARU staff. If you are in a pub or club, tell the staff there what’s going on.


  • Make sure you eat a good meal before you go out. This should be something filling and satisfying, like a pizza or a pasta dish. You want to make sure you have something that can soak up alcohol, so to speak. Anything like salad is no good. This is a great opportunity to use those take-away vouchers you got at the Fresher’s Fair!


  • Make sure you keep an eye on your drink. That means watching the bartender make it, as well as keeping it covered, or at least watching it, until you drink it.


  • Avoid walking home on your own at night. Stay in groups, and if you’re one of the last people to get home, get your phone out and chat to someone. If possible, stick in pairs at least. Have a friend sleepover, or go to theirs. This way, neither of you have to be on your own at any time.


  • Don’t walk in areas that aren’t well lit on your own. This goes without saying, but you never know what or who is there. It’s always better to walk a longer, safer route, than take a shortcut that could potentially put you in danger.


  • Avoid putting on headphones in with music full blast if you are by yourself, as you are not completely aware of your surroundings and are vulnerable.


  • Only use taxis from a licensed firm. If you know you’re going to be out late, then look up a few local numbers and save them to your phone before leaving. That way, you know you will have a taxi you can trust.


  • Drink plenty of water when you get home. You will feel so much better in the morning if you combat the dehydration as soon as you can. Ideally, you should drink water while you’re drinking alcohol.


  • Whatever you do, remember why you’ve come to university. Having a social life is a really important part of the university experience, but try not to let it get in the way of your studies. Plan your time accordingly, so you’re meeting deadlines and attending lectures. Definitely play hard, but make sure you’re studying just as hard.


  • Above all – stay safe!


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