House Rules

The House Rules

The Officers and the staff of Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union aim to provide all members of the Union an environment which is safe and tolerant of all other Union members and guests of the Union.



  • Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union will not tolerate any discrimination or intolerance, on any grounds, directed at any member or guest of the Student Union and any member or guest found to be guilty of this will face serious disciplinary action.


  • Verbal abuse, threats and/or any violence towards other members, guests or members of staff of the Union is totally unacceptable and will result in ejection from the building and serious disciplinary action.


  • Anyone found vandalising or misusing the premises will be ejected from the building, be charged for any damage caused and face further disciplinary action.


  • Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union has zero tolerance towards the use of illegal drugs on the premises. Anyone found in possession or using illegal substances will be ejected and may be handed over to the police.


  • Any individual may be asked to leave the Union premises if they are considered, by security or bar staff, to be excessively intoxicated and in danger of harming themselves or others. This will not result in disciplinary action, unless the individual resists leaving and/or violates any of the above guidelines.


  • If a member of Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union signs in a ‘guest’, that member is then responsible for the actions of that ‘guest’ and will face any disciplinary action that may occur from the guest violating the above guidelines.


  • The licensee(s) or delegates of the licensee(s), of the Union reserve the right to refuse admittance or eject any person at their discretion.


  • The licensee(s) and delegates of the licensee(s) retain total discretion over what behaviour is deemed as unacceptable. Any behaviour deemed unacceptable will result in ejection, and may lead to further disciplinary action.


  • If an individual is ejected from the Union premises they must give up their Student ID card at the time of the alleged incident. Failure to do so will lead to further disciplinary action.

These guidelines are in place to protect members, guests and staff of Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union and provide a safe and pleasant environment. Remember, the best way to avoid any disciplinary action is to respect others and your Students’ Union.


Please note that we work closely with external partner venues who may have different rule and practices. Whilst we try to ensure that all students of ARU are treated fairly at any event we collaborate with we have no legal responsibilties for how they operate their venue under their own madatory codes. These House Rules will be followed for any venue operated by Anglia Ruskin Students' Union.