Get Watered Not Slaughtered

Get Watered, Not Slaughtered! 


We're sure you know that you need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, but it can be a really good idea to drink plenty of water before you start drinking. Another good tip is to alternate alcoholic drinks with water. It doesn't even have to cost you any more money. Alcohol can dehydrate you very quickly, which is why sometimes you can feel very ill after drinking. By increasing your water intake, you can avoid that nasty feeling while you’re out.  



Any bar that sells alcohol must by law provide "potable drinking water". This means they can't just point you towards the toilets and say "the taps got water in it". They've got to provide you with a vessel with good quality drinking water. The only exception is where it’s not entirely practical, for example a mobile bar which doesn't have easy access to running water may not have to, but these days most will try.


If you're suffering from the effects of a bit too much alcohol then make sure you drink plenty of water, and maybe keep some next your bed as well. Try and sip it though, drinking too much water too quickly can sometimes make things a little bit worse and your body might reject it - a more technical way of saying it might bounce back! A good tip is to put a chair on your bed, with a bottle of water on it. Not only will you need to move the chair before you go to bed, but you will see the water, and (hopefully) drink some before you get into bed.


If you are concerned about how much you or someone you know drinks regularly, check out this page for more information.