Green Pitch

Our Green Pitch winners for 2016-17 have been announced!

Bethan Livingstone with her reusable cups idea and Alice Siegwart with her garlic growing on the allotment were recently presented with their prizes, certificates and their ideas were brought to life.

Bethan Livingstone

Alice Siegwart

WIN a budget of up to £500 and put your Green Idea into action!

The Green Pitch competition is an opportunity for you to set up your own change-making sustainability project and make a difference at Anglia Ruskin or beyond. By looking at the University’s 6 key sustainability areas: reducing waste, encouraging biodiversity, supporting Fairtrade, travelling green, saving water and saving energy, we want you to pitch your ideas for small scale sustainability projects to win a budget of up to £500 to put your idea into practice.

The aim of the Green Pitch competition is to find passionate entrepreneurs with imaginative, creative, sustainable ideas and give them the chance to win money and support to bring their idea to life. 

Your idea might be a physical change, educational tool or even an engaging event that promotes the green agenda. In previous years we have had ideas ranging from building a bug hotel, rehoming and rehabilitating hedgehogs onto campus, a campaign to introduce a local produce sale and a recycle/reuse event.

Submit your ideas below by the 23 December 2016 and be in with a chance to win a budget of up to £500 to put your idea into action.

Any questions, contact Leigh Rooney (President).

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    Garlic Beds

      Since the allotment that’s used for the People’s Patch project gets very little attention during the winter, my idea is to use it to grow various types of garlic in it over the winter months. Once they are fully grown, we can package them up with a small, healthy recipe about how to use to and sell them to people. The money raised will go back into the allotment to help with future projects and more seeds for the summer months! It’ll allow us to get more use out of such a valuable piece of space that may be get used to its full potential during the winter months and will allow students and staff to make healthy recipes out of some freshly grown ingredients. The other aspect of this idea is to grow different types of flowers during the winter or spring and sell them alongside the garlic so that we are making full use of the space we have. This can allow students and staff to have a brightly coloured flowers around them, while giving back to the community. The money gained from this will either be used in the same way as above or possibly donated to Sanctus, which is a local homeless charity.
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    Get help in developing an idea by attending the free “Be Your Own Boss” seminars which will be running in semester one.  For further information click here.


    The winner will receive:

    • Help and expertise to put their idea into practice
    • A budget of up to £500 for materials etc.
    • A winner’s certificate
    • Certification for the number of hours spent on the project logged with the volunteering service
    • Potential to receive a reference endorsing their involvement in the project
    • Publicity for your idea

    T&Cs apply

    Terms and conditions:

    • The winner will receive a budget of up to £500 to put their idea into action. This budget will be held by the SU who will administer the budget on their behalf.
    • If the winning idea does not require the full budget, 2nd place will be considered to also be implemented if the budget is available.
    • All ideas submitted will be vetted by a panel (consisting of members from the SU, ARU Environment Team and the GSI) to assess their viability.
    • The winning idea will be decided by the panel.  All decisions are final.
    • Your idea must address one of the six main themes of the Environment Team: Energy, waste, water, biodiversity, Fairtrade, sustainable travel.
    • The winning idea will be promoted through SU publications and the winner will be credited and receive a certificate which they can add to their CV.
    • The SU reserves the right to terminate the project in the event that reasonable progress is not made within three months of the announcement of the winning idea.


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