We are committed to reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill by reusing, recycling or converting waste to fuel to generate energy. Recycling reduces demand on raw materials and energy, pressure on landfill sites and the amount of methane released into the atmosphere, a potent greenhouse gas. If you want to contribute further, the best option is to reduce the amount of waste you produce in the first place!

Please see below for the  'A to Z Recycling Guides for Students' which will help you dispose of your waste correctly, with information on recyclable items and which bin is which. Please take care with your recycling as incorrect items can result in the whole collection, very inefficiently, being sent to landfill.

A to Z Recycling Guide

Recycling pots and pans

If you have been living in halls and have pots, pans, cutlery and crockery in good condition that you do not want to take home with you, we run a scheme where we collect these items and make them available to the next year's students for a small donation to Mission Croatia.  Please ask at SU offices for information.

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