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Your University Campus isn't just about going to and from lectures with the odd bit of food and coffee time thrown in. The urban campus is home to a varitey of wildlife, you just need to keep your eyes peeled. 


Despite being in the city centre, wildlife you might see are: Yellow Wagtails, Swifts (occasionally), Foxes, Hedgehogs, Rabbits and many many more. 

The campus has also seen the arrival of a living wall which is located on the side of Bryant Building, the biodiversity benefits are yet to be identified, as soon as they are an update will be here. 

We are also working with ARU Environment on the possibility of establishing a bee colony on the living roof above LAB 028, a really exciting new development. The living roof is also attracting Green Woodpeckers and Grey Wagtails which feed off the invertebrates which inhabit the area.  


Wildlife (here)

Roots & Shoots (here)


The Essex campus is a goldmine for wildlife opportunities. Situated right next to the River Chelmer, you're likely to spot wildlife such as Mallards, Turtles, Herons, Kingfishers, Coots, Moorhens and Little Grebes (Dabchicks). 

Worms anyone? For a trial period, Chelmsford have also got a wormary in MAB. Contact ARU Environment for more information. 


With the back of Guild House currently under development, there is an opportunity to enhance the green space. We are currently working with Estates and Facilities to make the best use of this space. If you have any ideas - let us know! 

Peterborough is also home to Nene Park Trust which caters for a variety of interests but also education for children. 



If you spot anything interesting on your campus, let us know by updating Wildlife Sightings

We would really like to hear from you about anything environmental that you find interesting - write us a blog and we will publish it on the micro-site! 

If you have any ideas for us - send them through on our Green Ideas.

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