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Why you should download your Skills Transcript

Learn how you can take the first step to make your volunteering experience and skills shine by downloading your Skills Transcript.


A Skills Transcript is a document that is automatically generated once you start logging your skills on your Volunteering Profile on the Students’ Union website.

Your Skills Transcript lists all the hours you have logged across all your time at ARU, all the awards you have won, the Skills Workshops you have attended and most importantly, the skills you have logged for your volunteering roles. Your Skills Transcript is displayed in an easy to read and professional format to aid your self-reflection, helping you to fill out job applications, prepare for job interviews and more.


What are the benefits?


You won’t forget it or misplace it!

This document will automatically update whenever you record skills for any of your volunteering roles. You can download your Skills Transcript at any time from your Volunteer Profile and is saved there for whenever you need to use it!


Getting that first graduate job

By volunteering you are automatically learning and developing skills which will boost your employability. Being able to recognise, demonstrate and showcase these skills will boost your recruitability.

Your Skills Transcript is invaluable in helping you understand the skills you have, or have learned and developed through volunteering which will help you to better sell yourself in job interviews, job applications and will help you to write a more informed CV.


Links to Skills Workshops

The Students’ Union run a variety of free Skills Workshops every year which are designed to help you develop your ‘soft skills’ such as Time Management, Problem-Solving and more.

Using your Skills Transcript, you can identify any skills that you feel you need to continue to improve or learn. Sign up to a Skills Workshop to help you learn a new skill and your attendance will show on your Skills Transcript!


Good for Volunteering based modules

If you are completing a module which requires you to complete volunteering hours, your Skills Transcript can really help you to write a comprehensive self-reflection for your reflective assessment.

Your Skills Transcript accumulates all your logged skills which will make completing your module much easier. If you record your hours and skills consistently you won’t forget what you have achieved throughout and will make your Skills Transcript much more robust.


Employability Service like it!

The Employability Service recognise the huge benefits of reflecting on your skills and identify that it can really boost your CV, make you more employable and help you gain employment at the end of your studies.