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Reps - Which Hours Can I Log?

As an elected representative with ARU Students' Union, you are a volunteer! This means that all the work you do as part of your role can be logged as volunteering hours and skills through the Volunteer Centre. But which hours can you log?
Meetings with university staff (SSLC, Faculty Boards, Group chat etc.)

Time spent on Mitigation/Disciplinary Panels as a Representative

Meetings or training conducted by the Students’ Union

All communication with students in which you receive feedback

Writing of and study of preparation notes for meetings

Presentation writing/delivery to students

Development Planning and preparation work for projects

Campaigning Activity

Volunteering Projects
Social Events

Travel time to and from events

Events or activities which you are participating in but not coordinating e.g. guest lectures, non-volunteering trips etc.

Generally, if you are doing a task for free and for the benefit of others, this is volunteering!


Log you hours and skills now


Prethi Pal
11:24pm on 2 Dec 20 I spent 1 hour on my personal tutor group- WhatsApp group , asking for group based feedback . On Sunday 29/11/2020 Time: 19:30-20:30pm
Prethi Pal
11:21pm on 2 Dec 20 Student rep induction - 1 hour and 30 minutes
Marie Copsey
6:30pm on 15 Nov 20 Student rep introduction 30 minutes
Amanda Jardine
2:12am on 13 Nov 20 Hi, I spent 2 hours doing the course rep training today, which was 12/11/2020
Lyubka Damyanova
10:41pm on 10 Nov 20 26 October introduction for class rep 40 minutes.
Divya Agarwal .
1:28pm on 7 Nov 20 Hello Everyone, On 27th Sep I attended Student course rep induction, 1 hour and half.
Holly Williams
12:15pm on 6 Nov 20 Preparing notes and collecting information from students - 30 mins
Holly Williams
12:15pm on 6 Nov 20 Rep meeting with chair - around 2 hours
Holly Williams
12:14pm on 6 Nov 20 Student rep induction 1hr 30
Wonda Grobbelaar
4:29pm on 4 Nov 20 Online feedback session Students UAE 50 minutes
Perdy Foster
12:25pm on 4 Nov 20 Student rep induction and training conducted by the Students’ Union. 4 November 2020. 1 hour 30 mins.
Wonda Grobbelaar
3pm on 3 Nov 20 03 November 2020 Weekly PGR meeting Professor Mike Cole 25 minutes
Wonda Grobbelaar
2:57pm on 3 Nov 20 28 October 2020 Prof Mike Cole Introduction 40 minutes
Wonda Grobbelaar
2:56pm on 3 Nov 20 26 October meeting Induction Training 40 minutes
Mohammed Noorullah
2:44pm on 23 Oct 20 Its great ??
Diana Damian
4:52pm on 21 Oct 20 student rep induction, 1h and 30 mins
Eleana Ray
10:28pm on 1 Oct 20 I attended 2 staff and students liason meetings and fed back info to my class
Liana Peter
9:32am on 11 Dec 19 Hi everybody, On the 5th of December,I attended a meeting regarding students surveys and how to bring improvements in our campus.
Samiat Ajuwon
4:30pm on 25 Nov 19 Negotiations skills 12:20pm-2:00pm
Temitope Babajide
9:45pm on 19 Oct 19 Great
Bia Jesus
4:28pm on 17 Oct 19 Student rep induction, 1 hour and half
Graceford Prempeh-Baidoo
9:46pm on 9 Oct 19 Great
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