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Community Volunteers - Which Hours Can I Log?


As a community volunteer, you are helping a wide range of different causes within the local community. This means that all the work you do as part of your role can be logged as volunteering hours and skills through ARU Students' Union Volunteer Centre. But which hours can you log?


Meetings or training conducted by the Students’ Union

Development planning and preparation work

Supervisory activities (an event where you are coordinating others, not participating in)

Any training or coaching delivered by yourself

Communication with your organisation

Travel in which you are a volunteer driver

Administrative work

Performing your volunteering role
Social Events

Travel time to and from your role

Events or activities which you are participating in but not coordinating e.g. sports fixtures, activity sessions etc.
Generally, if you are doing a task for free and for the benefit of others, this is volunteering!


Log your hours and skills now


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