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Skills Training can help you to learn new skills and further build upon and develop the skills you are using in your volunteering role(s) to make you a more successful and impactful student volunteer whilst enabling you to learn the skills that will make you highly desirable to future employers.


How Skills Training Can Benefit You

Develop your 'Recruitability'


LinkedIn Learning Collections

We have created a collection of LinkedIn Learning Courses that will help you to develop your skills as a volunteer. These courses are available online and can be accessed at any time allowing you to fit in your training alongside your busy schedules. These courses can be accessed at University, at home, or even on your mobile.

LinkedIn Learning is a leading online company that provides thousands of skills courses and is a free resource for all registered ARU students. 

To access LinkedIn Learning, please go to and log in using your Full Username ( and your standard ARU password.

Click on the title below to access the collection:


Conflict Management

All of us face conflict but depending on how you handle it, the consequences can either be positive or negative. Whether dealing with an issue in our personal lives or working with difficult colleagues, it is a part of our lives. Conflicts may be small or large, but the ability to manage them effectively – and respond favourably – is a crucial interpersonal skill.

Decision Making and Critical Thinking

Life is full of decisions, but knowing how to come the right decision is a whole skill in itself. Learn how to make better decisions and how to use your critical thinking skills to put you on the path to success with these courses.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Creating a diverse community where everyone feels accepted and valued will make your team more productive, successful and happier. Learn how you can create a diverse team, celebrate uniqueness and getting the best out of individual team members with these courses.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is defined as “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships” – all key skills not only in the workplace but in everyday life. Having a good knowledge and understanding of emotional intelligence can really help you in all walks of life; to make new friends, to feel more confident and maybe even to take on a new role at work or on your course!


Every team, cause or campaign needs a leader. Quality leadership will help to transform your team or projects success and help your team to achieve better results, feel valued and feel motivated. Learn how you can become a better leader with these courses.

Problem Solving

Did you know that Problem Solving is one of the top 5 life skills employers look for? By developing your problem-solving strategies, you can not only tackle challenges in your own life, but build a skillset that will make you valuable on a team and as a leader.

Project Management

Are you starting a new project? Learn how create a project plan, manage your time, delegate to others and more in these project management courses.

Public Speaking

Does public speaking leave your knees shaking? Does the thought of a presentation make you sweat? Or do you just want to make better speeches? Public Speaking is a skill people often say they want to improve and are nervous doing, you are certainly not alone. Learn how to overcome your fear and learn some top tips with these courses.


Building your confidence is a unique and personal journey and takes time to achieve. It is often achieved through a combination of learning a variety of skills, gaining experience and interacting with others. Learn some top tips on how you can start to build your confidence with these courses.


Managing your own time will help you to be more organised, motivated and productive. You will be able to get more done and will help you to prioritise your personal life and wellbeing at the same time. Start learning to manage your time with these courses.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Sometimes working by yourself is not the best way to achieve a goal. By collaborating with others you are able to increase your work capacity, utilise other team member’s skills and gain valuable insights from the different experiences in your team. Sound good right? Learn how to work better with others and become a better team member with these courses.

Time Management

Do you struggle with organising your time? Are you often frantically completing coursework the night before the deadline? You might need to improve your Time Management skills! Take away top tips for time management and learn how to better manage your time for the future with these courses.

Working Towards your Goals

We are all prone to procrastination when trying to achieve a goal, whether that is our next assignment, achieving a target at work or setting a career plan. By learning how to set and work towards your goals can provide you with the required focus and motivation. There is no better feeling than setting and achieving your goals.


Build Your Volunteer Hero Skills

The following LinkedIn Learning Collections have been created to support the individual roles of our Volunteer Heroes:

Volunteer Heroes

Impact Makers



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