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The Struggle is Real!

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So it’s that time of year you’ve signed up to volunteer and now all of a sudden the deadlines are mounting and the volunteering wasn’t quite what you wanted. You’ve gone from place to place trying to get everything done! But it feels like you have no time to yourself and there’s always things to do!

Do NOT fear, you are not alone! Volunteering is a fantastic thing to do for a whole host of reasons but it needs to fit with you, so no matter whether you’re an early riser, a night owl or a midday master! We can find something for you that will match your commitment and skill set! All you need to do is let us, in the volunteering service, know you are struggling and we can help you manage the process of leaving a placement and finding you a new one that fits like a glove!

But it isn’t always that easy is it? So let me address the hard bit, you love the cause you’re volunteering for, it really is the good thing to do for your CV and you’re doing it with friends. But you feel lost, unsure what you’re doing there and the placement isn’t giving back what you wanted. Why would you say anything to anybody, you can’t possibly question a volunteering provider - they're desperate, they need you!

Well in short, you can say something!

You aren’t the only volunteer in the world who has ever felt like this, and you’re not the only volunteer the provider has had come and not quite work out. Let’s be honest, a good volunteer is someone who cares about what they’re doing and feels rewarded and if that’s not happening then it's ok to say it isn’t working for both parties. Volunteering is a hugely rewarding two way experience for the organisation and volunteer, it isn’t a one way giving process as they invest heavily in you too, and making it work is the key.

If you haven’t clicked with the provider staff, or you feel uncomfortable or it’s something more serious than that; we are here to help, but you just need to tell us. We can’t be everywhere or even further than that read minds! (Even though we wish we could!)

We as a Union want all students to create success together and if we can help re-position, change path or introduce you to someone new we will.

So it's ok say ‘hey it’s not working out! Can I try something new?’ we will be there every step of the journey from the old into the new!

For further resources on how to make the most out of a placement click here.


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