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How to Write a Quality Volunteer of the Month Nomination

Do you want to recognise an outstanding ARU volunteer? Make sure your nomination gets noticed with a few tips to write a quality nomination


Do you know an ARU student volunteer that deserves recognition?

Are you looking to nominate them for a Volunteer of the Month Award?


Making sure that your nomination meets the award criteria is crucial for your nomination to stand out. By following a few simple hints and tips, you can ensure that your nomination shines above all others!


What is the criteria?

All nominations are judged by following:

The volunteer has:

- Gone above and beyond what is expected of them;

- Demonstrated exceptional commitment, dedication and effort;

- Made a difference to their own life or the lives of others; and/or

- Made measureable change or impact


How to make your nomination shine


1. List specific roles and projects that the volunteer has been involved with:

This student has volunteered at several events.

 This student has volunteered at the Cambridge Half Marathon and the Muscular Dystrophy 10k as a marshal.


2. Describe what the volunteer has completed and achieved in their volunteering role:

   The volunteer was very helpful in making the events a success

  In the morning, the volunteer arrived at the volunteer briefing with lots of energy and enthusiasm which helped to motivate the other  volunteers. They took the lead of one of the water bottle stations and delegated tasks to other volunteers to ensure the station was set up in good time and helped keep morale of the volunteers high. When the station looked like it would run out of water, the volunteer was proactive in sourcing more water from another station. This event would not have been as much of a success without this volunteer.


3. Provide measurable impact the volunteer has had:

- How much money have they fundraised?

- How many people have they helped?

- How many hours do they dedicate to their role?

- How many people attended an event they organised?


   The volunteer worked really hard in organising the event. Lots of people attended and we met our fundraising goal.

 The volunteer worked tirelessly for 2 hours every night for a week before the event to create, print and display posters. Because the posters created such a buzz around campus we sold over 100 tickets and fundraised over £1000 for Cancer Research on the night.


4. Describe how the volunteer went the extra mile to ensure a positive result:

   This rep is passionate about representing our views and managed to get one of our assignment deadlines extended

  This rep set up a Facebook group for our course to raise any issues or concerns. I had mentioned how a lack of available resources meant it was difficult to complete our assignment on time. The rep took time to talk to other members of the course and found that many where having similar problems. They raised the issue with course leaders and managed to get the deadline extended.


5. Describe how this volunteer has had an impact on others around them:

   This volunteer has ensured that all the residents at the care home are happy.

  By attending the care home every Sunday to run an arts and craft session, the residents have had an activity to look forward to every week. The session helps bring residents together and rediscover their youth! The residents are more active and this volunteers enthusiasm and openness means they all have a new friend.


6. Describe how the volunteer has improved their own skills:

   This volunteer has become more confident in themselves and is now more sociable around friends.

  This volunteer has sometimes struggled with their confidence but during their volunteering role they have been able to talk to a wide range of different people and helped them with some of their problems. Because of this, the volunteer has learnt to become more open and is able to communicate more effectively and is fun to be around!


A nomination that is able to tell a personal story and provide specific details about the volunteer’s role and contribution will help the panel understand the impact and specific contributions that the volunteer has made on others.


Do you feel equipped to write an outstanding nomination and help to celebrate a deserving ARU student volunteer? Nominate them today and ensure they get the recognition they deserve!


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