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There is an increasing number of people with Dementia across the UK with 2,120 people over the age of 65 living with Dementia in Chelmsford and an estimated 20,000 in Essex. With the elderly population in Chelmsford expected to increase from 32,700 in 2015 to 40,100 in 2025, the number of people living with Dementia by 2030 is expected rise by 66%, putting greater demand on local health and social care services and housing needs.

These increasing numbers of Dementia patients will have an impact on the training of staff and support for unpaid carers and housing. Those who care for someone with Dementia often spend over 50 hours a week caring for them, often helping them with everyday tasks such as washing, eating or using the toilet.

This social care can put a strain on family members or unpaid carers, physically, mentally and financially. The cost of dementia to the UK is currently £26 billion a year, an average of £32,250 per person with dementia. Two-thirds of this cost is currently paid by people with dementia and their families, either in unpaid care (£11.6 billion) or in paying for private social care. The cost of a care home can cost £600-£1200 a week and an individual’s dementia care can cost an average of £100,000.


The elderly population in Chelmsford is expected to increase from 32,700 in 2015 to 40,100 in 2025 with the number of people living with dementia by 2030 expected to rise by 66%.


     An individual's dementia care costs an average £100,000.


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