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Providing it is not something that has already been done before, negatively affects other students or staff, or is simply just too outrageous, then we will get in touch with you to figure out what our next steps will be together

We will then put the idea into action and regularly monitor its progress and keep everyone updated as regularly as we can


It might be that your idea should become a Students’ Union policy. If a policy is passed at Student Council or an All Student Meeting we are mandated to work by it. If this is the case, don’t worry, we will help you put that together.

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I've got no idea!

I've got no idea!

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    Graduation Ceremonies in Summer and October

      I am asking students' if they would like the university to hold graduation ceremonies in the summer for those who finish around May time. It is proposed that the October ceremonies still take place for those who may have to re-sit and those who finish their course around August.
    Courtney Lucey
    1:15pm on 6 Oct 16 I would prefer to have the graduation ceremony in October so that the whole year can graduate together :)
    Eleanor Lloyd
    4:46pm on 6 Oct 16 I think it would be best for everyone to graduate together in October instead of having 2 separate as not everyone may be atound during the summer.
    Jackie Jarvis
    4:57pm on 6 Oct 16 I would prefer to graduate in Summer as my course finishes in March, so it's such a long wait for October!
    Brianna Sheen
    5:03pm on 6 Oct 16 I'd prefer to graduate in the summer because as an international student, I won't be able to stay over the summer waiting for graduation and would have to miss it or come up with money for expensive airfare to come back just for graduation.
    Maja Maciejewska
    5:19pm on 6 Oct 16 Definitely summer. It's such a long wait till October for those who finish the course in May. Plus, the weather is much nicer in the summer :)
    Zaria Byer
    6:45pm on 6 Oct 16 Having it in the summer is a fantastic idea Leigh! It's difficult for those who complete their studies in May to have their graduation in October because a lot of people move back home which makes it difficult and more expensive to return for their graduation after they move out :) good idea!
    Thea Faith Maragkakis
    8:48am on 9 Oct 16 Would quote like a graduation the summer - better weather and those who finish in May are still on that hype by the summer bit waiting for October is too long I think.
    Katie-Rose McGuire
    7pm on 8 Nov 16 Graduation in the summer is such a better idea! Warmer and more convenient for students.
    Dean Anthony Mitchell
    3:20pm on 18 Nov 16 Absolutely agree! Summer it should definitely be! Why should you finish in Jan/March or July/August and have to wait months? Honestly this University drives me round the bend!! More so, it will mean that if held during the summer it won't impact any university/student activity that would have had to be held around that time i.e. ARU Match Days for BUCS games/campus sport etc.
    Ilirian Vaka
    4:56pm on 18 Nov 16 October as not everyone will be around during summer.
    Nanci Tareco Neff Da Cruz
    5:59pm on 20 Nov 16 I think for most of the international students and people that live far and away from home, the summer graduation is a good idea. I'm sure many people will jump in a positive way on this because also it's a better weather and everyone will also be together. Those that want to still graduate in October can still graduate, and for sure a lot of us will be there to support. But it's a question of being practical. Thanks a lot Leigh for putting this forward :D
    Thea Faith Maragkakis
    1:18pm on 21 Nov 16 Having by a ceremony in the summer would be great for those finishing in May/June so that hype continue, the weather is nicer and then those who finish August and etc can do an October graduation. Especially as a lot of people start work or travel during the summer so having a summer graduation means you can graduate and then look for jobs etc instead of travelling back or trying to get time off work.
    Amy Mori
    1:04pm on 9 Dec 16 As far as I know, as intercultural communication students we finish our program in September and then we have to wait a full year until October of the NEXT YEAR before graduating. Even if there was an earlier summer graduation, like in July, that's still 9 months we're waiting. My visa will have long expired by then. Most of the students on this course ARE international so it affects most of us. It's even worse for students from outside of Europe, it's not like we can just get a cheap Ryanair flight and come for the weekend. I could technically come back on tourist visa but that seems so unfair to have to pay for accommodation and a plane ticket from America just to attend MY OWN graduation ceremony!! It would be a huge, expensive and inconvenient ordeal! Plus, I will hopefully be working in a full time job that I got with my newly acquired MA degree so I would also have to ask for time off from a job that I just started, which doesn't really look good, and in the US we only get 2 weeks of holiday per year as it is. ?? I don't see why we can't go to the October ceremony the following month. That would be super ideal.
    Leigh Rooney
    10:25am on 16 Dec 16 Hi everyone, thank you for your comments! I am working on writing up a small report gathering all of the feedback you guys have given on this post. The last conversation I had with the Vice Chancellor on this topic, he said if there is a demand for ceremonies at different times then he will look into doing it, but would have to figure out the logistics. I will update you all in the new year!


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