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SU Awards: Could You Be A Winner?

Have you made your nominations for the SU Awards?

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The SU Awards nomination deadline is fast approaching and we have 6 dedicated awards for Volunteering.

You could nominate or be nominated for:

Volunteer of the Year

Students & Community Organisations Nominate - Panel decides
This award is to recognise the student volunteer that has committed to a minimum of two volunteering roles, been reliable at all times, motivated and engaged with other students to volunteer at ARU. They will have excelled in their chosen volunteering role and effectively logged their volunteering on the system.

Volunteering Project of the Year

Students nominate - panel decides
This award is to recognise the student volunteering project that has attracted a large number of students and has made an impact on its chosen cause.

Community Award

Students & Community Orgs nominate - panel decides
A student or group that has involved themselves with the community over the past 12 months.
High levels of service/links with the local community beyond that is ordinarily required by and individual or group
Contributions to the improvement of the university and towns relationship

Volunteering Honours

Students nominate - panel decides
This award is to recognise an individual who has displayed an outstanding degree of commitment, initiative and positive impact to Anglia Ruskin Students’ Union.  An individual that has championed their volunteering on campus and has made a huge contribution to their volunteering placement or position. They are a role model for other volunteers.

Charity Fundraiser of the Year

Students nominate - panel decides
This award is to recognise an individual that has been the most successful and creative in their fundraising during the academic year. Through this work they will have raised awareness of a charitable cause to the wider student body.

Fundraising group of the year

Students nominate - panel decides
This award is for the group that has demonstrated a commitment and success in fundraising throughout the year. They have been innovative with their fundraising and have raised awareness of this to the wider student community and have made a significant difference to their society or chosen charity.

So, can you think of an individual or a project that could win one of the awards for volunteering? Nominate them here! Do you think you should to win one of these awards? Nominate YOURSELF!

We know that nominating yourself feels a bit strange, but just treat it like a mini personal statement and sell yourself! Or ask a friend to take 5 minutes to nominate you!

Winning an SU award is a brilliant achievement in itself but it also boosts your employability and shows potential employers how much you've done while at university.

So, don't miss out! Nominations close on the 22nd February 2016 so get your nominations in soon!




Hannah Byram
1:36pm on 21 Feb 16 i think its brilliant to know services are available when we need them
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