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Cambridge Rep of the Month October: Tiegan Lawson

Our Cambridge Rep of the Month talks about her #repwin and how the Students' Union has supported her to thrive in her role.

Tiegan Lawson is a second year BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing student and the Faculty Rep for the faculty of Health, Education & Medical Science.

As Faculty Rep Tiegan gathers the views, opinions and ideas of students in her faculty and represents them at her faculty meetings, working closely with faculty leads to implement the change students are looking to see. As part of her role Tiegan also sits on the Students’ Union Executive Committee to have a say on overarching University issues.

“I really enjoy working with the Students’ Union because I feel I can help improve people's experience at University. I have met so many amazing people in this role and they have helped me gain confidence to be able to stand for what I believe and be the change that students want to see.”

Through her role already this academic year, Tiegan has helped to resolve an issue of miscommunication on her course whereby students were told they had to purchase a new tablet to complete their placement logs. To resolve the issue, Tiegan sought detailed feedback from students, asked pertinent questions and proposed new solutions to her course leaders which resulted in allowing students to use their own electronic devices, helping students to avoid hidden costs.

“Advocacy is one of the roles of a Nurse, and being Faculty Rep, I have had to advocate for students. It has taught me how to stand up for what is correct and what should be done in times when things become difficult. I have learnt how to negotiate effectively to reach a positive compromise that has been greatly received. I can take these skills to further better my practice in my role and in everyday life.”

To help Tiegan become effective in her role, she attended an ‘away day’ with the Executive Committee and attended a trip to the Houses of Parliament to learn about effective campaigning, how to engage with local MP’s to achieve larger goals and saw how government petitions were seen and acted upon:

“The away day was the first time I had insight into how important the Students’ Union are, and how much work is being done to be able to deliver the amazing student experience that students should have. They are such friendly people and so welcoming.”

Tiegan leaves us with these leaving thoughts:

“If you are thinking of going for a role within the SU, I'd say go for it. I originally signed up because I hadn't engaged much with the Students’ Union and had so many ideas and didn't know how to get them implemented. I got so much more than that out of it, and I'm only a few months in!”

Thanks Tiegan for representing the views of ARU students and for creating positive change at the University to ensure students have a great University experience here at ARU.


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