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Organisation and Opportunity Criteria

Organisations must:


  • Be a registered charity, social enterprise, voluntary group, statutory body or a not-for profit organisation.
  • Provide volunteers with an induction and role specific training where necessary.
  • Have a Health & Safety Policy
  • Have an Equality & Diversity Policy
  • Have a Public Liability Insurance Policy
  • Provide a Logo
  • Have a registered contact with an email address and a phone number.
  • Be responsible for sorting out the DBS check of a student, where a role requires one.
  • Have a DBS Code of Practice relevant to their activities and will conduct the necessary checks of a student if they are going to be volunteering with children and/or adults at risk.


Opportunities must:


  • Be based in the UK. The Volunteer Centre cannot currently promote any international volunteering roles.
  • Be unpaid and should not replace a previously paid role.
  • Must benefit both the organisation and the student.
  • Have clear and truthful descriptions of a volunteer’s role and responsibilities.
  • Have realistic role and responsibility expectations. Should a role have multiple responsibilities, consider breaking the role down into different roles with reduced responsibility.
  • If the opportunity has multiple responsibilities or is titled as an Internship, please refer to the Internship policy.
  • Not be similar to a number of already unfilled positions on our system.
  • Be flexible with the time commitments of the role. The commitment to the opportunity should be reasonable for a student in full time education (a guiding principle for this is of 15 hours per week).
  • Be aware of and respect a student volunteer's priorities in terms of timetables, academic year, examinations and possible VISA restrictions.
  • Ensure that volunteers have access to a named line manager/supervisor. This person should be responsible for their direct management.
  • Reimburse students if there are reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, where possible.




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