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March Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Katie Louisa Belfield-Evitts, our March Volunteer of the Month! Click here to read her story.

Congratulations to Katie Louisa Belfield-Evitts, our March Volunteer of the Month!

Katie has been volunteering at Cambridge Community Arts, a non-profit organisation that delivers arts courses for people suffering from mental-ill health, since October 2015 as a Drama & Physical Theatre Assistant and Assistant Director. Katie volunteers 5 hours every Thursday to devise, improvise and direct drama with independent adults with a history of mental-ill health and provides 1-1 support for adults with learning difficulties. In June, she will also offer support to help the members put on a drama performance at the Junction.


“It is really nice to see people become happier and gain more confidence in themselves. I love talking to everyone about what they love about these sessions and how happy they seem with how far they have come and how they use the skills they have learned outside of the sessions. You can really see each individual grow as a person, and that’s really great to be a part of!”


Through this volunteering role, Katie has extended her knowledge and understanding of teaching and supporting people with mental ill health which has built her communication skills. She has also been patient and continued to be enthusiastic in every session which has helped learners to build their self-confidence and improve their own interpersonal skills whilst helping them work towards their own specific goals.


“[Cambridge Community Arts] is an amazing company that offers art, music, dance and drama courses to people experiencing mental health difficulties. I would love if more people knew about this organisation!”


Katie’s role with Cambridge Community Arts has provided her with real life experience of teaching drama within the community and has supported her studies within her Drama degree. The role has helped her understand how powerful and effective drama can be to help people overcome their problems and to bring happiness into their lives.

If you would like to learn more about the work of Cambridge Community Arts, please visit their website at


Thank you Katie for your dedication and commitment to Cambridge Community Arts and we wish you continued success within your role!