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London Rep of the Month December: Alina Aron


Alina Aron is a second year Business and Tourism student and course representative.

ARU Students’ Union is now in its second year at Anglia Ruskin University’s London campus and has worked hard to recruit and train student course representatives to provide our London based students with a voice in how their University and course are run.

The representation structure can only work with dedicated volunteers such as Alina, who has proven to be an exemplary example of a course representative. Halimo Hussain, ARU Students’ Union London Coordinator says:


“As a course rep Alina has demonstrated a real desire and commitment to carry out her role as a rep to the best of her ability. She takes the time to gather feedback in multiple ways such as class surveys and then complies and shares them in SSLC’s (Student, Staff Liaison Committees) in an articulate and thoughtful way that encourages discussion in the meetings.”


“In taking the time to create surveys and gather feedback, as well as making herself visible as a course rep, I’m sure that Alina has made her classmates feel listened to and I look forward to seeing the improvements to the University that come as a result of her hard work.”


Thank you Alina for your representation of London based students and helping to improve students’ day to day experience of University life.


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