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December Volunteers of the Month

Who have been our shining volunteering stars in December?

Cambridge Committee Member of the Month

Nathalie Reeve

Nathalie Reeve is a third year International Business Management student and President and Treasurer of the Film Viewing Society.

Through her roles Nathalie leads on all the societies’ development alongside her other committee members and helps to organise weekly film nights, within a weekly theme and special viewings including the recent Christmas event. Nathalie also manages the societies’ budgets and is always thinking of the future development of the society, ensuring that members of the society are always enjoy themselves. Nathalie comments:

“I enjoy being president of something at university that so many people enjoy and having that responsibility to keep it going for future students here at ARU. Even though it has been stressful at times trying to organise things, the outcome has always turned out better than expected which is really rewarding.”

During her roles, Nathalie has learnt how careful planning is the key to an events success and how delegating tasks and constant communication with her fellow committee members is fundamental for the society’s success. Jacob Norman comments:

“Nathalie goes out of her way to make sure every single member of her society is happy whilst they are there. On a whole, she goes above and beyond what she should do for the society and the entire society is benefitting because of it.”

Nathalie’s roles have taught her skills that will put her a step ahead in her aspiration to pursue a leadership and management role. As a final thought Nathalie comments:

“As with any successful society, there is always so much work done behind the scenes that members and sometime other committee members just don’t see. It’s hard work but the outcome is always worth it seeing people keep turning up to our viewings, bringing their friends and just enjoying themselves.”

Keep up the excellent work Nathalie and continue to provide a fantastic university experience for all your current and future members!

Chelmsford Committee Member of the Month

Shannon Crowley

Shannon Crowley is a first year Accounting and Finance student and President of the Cakes and Bakes Society, Social and Marketing Manager for the Tea and Hot Chocolate society, Treasurer of the MMA Fitness and Self Defence Club and Treasurer of the LGBTQ+ society.

As president Shannon ensures the Cakes and Bakes society is operating smoothly and that members are getting the most out of their membership. As Social Media and Marketing Manager for the Tea and Hot Chocolate society she helps to maintain the upkeep of the society’s social media pages and ensuring the society is well publicised and as a Treasurer for both MMA Fitness and Self Defence and LGBTQ+ she helps manage the societies’ finances and making sure they are financially stable. Through fundraising events such as bake sales, Shannon has helped to raise money for local charities including Sanctus, a local homeless charity.

Fraser Luther-Yarwood, president of the LGBTQ+, comments on the impact Shannon has on the impact of the LGBTQ+ committee:

“Shannon has been heavily involved in all society events, is always providing strong ideas and is always welcoming to all society members and staff who help make our society ideas a reality.”

Once Shannon graduates she would like to become an accountant. Through all of her committee roles Shannon has been able to increase her versatility and the roles have helped her gain more practical life experience in a responsible role. Her roles as treasurer also provides her with more experience dealing with finance.

Shannon is very grateful for the support of the SU and comments:

“Without the SU Team, I wouldn’t have even known about the societies or the ability to become a committee member and set up my own society. A lot of the staff have helped me every step of the way, supporting me in all of my roles and ensuring I am able to do everything that I need to in order to support my societies.”

Congratulations Shannon and keep on improving the university experience of the members of the clubs and societies you are involved with!

Cambridge Community Volunteer of the Month

Sian O'Brien

Sian O’Brien is a third year Psychology student who has been volunteering at Cambridge Kung Fu since September 2016.

As an Assistant Kids Instructor, Sian attends the club every Saturday to help the main instructor run and lead a session which is aimed at children aged 4-11 years old. With her background in martial arts, Sian helps to teach the children basic and advanced technique as well as assisting children discover ways in which they can lead a happier and healthier life. Sian reflects on her experience:

“Not only do I enjoy [the classes,] the kids enjoy it too. It’s nice to be able to give back to the local community and help the children grow in confidence, and in many other important life skills such as resilience and awareness.”

Through her role, Sian has learnt to be more confident in herself and her abilities. Sian has also developed a wider knowledge of different people’s backgrounds and cultures through the stories of the children she teaches. This will in no doubt help Sian in her career aspirations to work with and help people of varying backgrounds.

Sian found her role through the Volunteering Service and was inspired to get involved. Sian would also like to encourage you to get volunteering too:

“Just get involved because it is great fun and can lead to new opportunities!”

Thank you Sian for all your work in the first semester and we look forward to hearing about your continuing success in the second semester!

Chelmsford Community Volunteer of the Month

Michael Charles Jones (pictured right)

Michael Charles Jones has just completed his BA (Hons) in Leadership and Management and has been volunteering in a variety of roles for Anglia Ruskin University and as Treasurer for the MMA Society.

Michael has been a constant in the Volunteering Service during his time as a student at ARU, always incredibly keen to volunteer for the good of others and to enhance his skills. He has been involved in a vast number of events and activities at ARU this year alone including; driving and marketing for ARU Chelmsford FC, events photography, mentoring within the Business School (about which he is incredibly passionate) and during his final week, leading a society in purchasing goods, baking cakes and raising £400 for a chosen local charity. Michael states:

“Volunteering has reinforced [my belief] to look out for the less fortunate and always look at the positive side of a challenge.”

Michael has utilised and learnt a number of skills through his volunteering pursuits including time management, patience, leadership, communication, networking, planning and organisation. He now wishes to use his leadership and organisational skills to help others and encourage his fellow course mates to do so too. He achieved his Silver Volunteering Award half way through this semester, despite this being his final semester with ARU and has remained an inspirational figure to other students.

Michael has never looked for praise for his volunteering, just the fact that others have been helped seems to have been enough for him to continue his good deeds. We will miss Michael and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Cambridge Rep of the Month

Marianne Johany

Marianne Johany is a second year Business and Human Management student and course rep.

During her role has rep, Marianne has been a shining light to all her fellow course mates and has worked tirelessly to improve the university experience for all by gathering student feedback and presenting it within her SSLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee Meeting). Marianne has also worked hard for ARU students who are parents, raising their awareness and promoting a more inclusive environment for all student parents. Dr Anne Paraskevopoulou, course leader for the BSc Business and Human Management course highlights her contribution:

“Marinanne is a very dedicated course rep, she always attends relevant meetings and she is working tirelessly with her group in order to improve university experience for all.”

Marianne has also received glowing comments from the students in which she represents:

“She is simply the best. She has always acted on our grievances, and is helpful in every aspect.”

“We in our group have never settled for less and Marianne is even more than we deserve.”

“She is very committed and very helpful especially representing our group.”

“Marianne always goes above and beyond. The whole course thinks she’s wonderful and knows that they can count on her.”

Congratulations and thank you Marianne on having such a big impact on those you represent, you are a model rep and a very worthy Rep of the Month!

Chelmsford Rep of the Month

Fraser Luther-Yarwood

Fraser Luther-Yarwood is a third year Education studies student, course rep and President of the LGBTQ+ and Tea and Hot Chocolate Society.

Fraser has been providing feedback to his course leaders at his SSLC meeting and particular enjoys and relishes the opportunity to improve the student and learning experience through his role. He is also grateful to the support of the Students’ Union staff especially at the Rep Induction in which he has learnt how to more effectively communicate to both students and staff to ensure that students and their feedback are properly heard and considered.

The role of rep has taught Fraser many key skills which will help him on his way to achieving his career aspiration of becoming a teacher. Fraser comments:

“It has been a wonderful experience.”

Thank you Fraser for all your hard work in all your many roles and inspiring your fellow course mates and society members.


Congratulations to all our December Volunteer of the Month Runner Up's too for all your dedication and commitment to your student and/or local community:

Cambridge and Chelmsford Committee Members

Jarrod Staughton, Marianne Johany and Onella Khan.

Cambridge and Chelmsford Community Volunteers

Phoebe Cole, Samera Shah, Ciara Rose, Catherine Haas and Jane Green.

Cambridge and Chelmsford Reps

Carlos Latorre, Warren Lowe, Georgina Alexander, Sam Shelton, Johanna Korhonen, Michael Graham, Disha Surana, Zaria Byer and Kate Barham.


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