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Cambridge Community Volunteer of the Month October: Deborah George

Our Cambridge Community Volunteer of the Month Deborah George talks about how through influencing government policies, she aspires to change the way in which mental health is viewed and accessed.

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Community Volunteer of the Month celebrates students who are engaging in the wider community here in Cambridge.

As a Student volunteer these students are helping numerous people within your local and student community and we believe that their efforts, motivations, accomplishments and inspirations should all be celebrated.


This month we are celebrating Deborah George, Deborah volunteers with Nightline, Nightline are affiliated with the National Nightline Association, they are not officially part of ARU or CU but support many of our students. Volunteering with Nightline is a challenging but rewarding experience.


Nightline look for volunteers who are able to listen the concerns of callers, show empathy, and provide emotional support. Debroah explains her volunteering position to us as “I volunteer with Cambridge Nightline and my mains duty is to provide emotional support to students through calls and IM’s. I am also the ARU Public Face and Publicity volunteer and my main duties are to increase awareness of Cambridge Nightline and recruit new ARU volunteers.”


“I have really enjoyed volunteering with Nightline as I feel like I make a positive difference to the lives of other students. It is rewarding to know that by lending an ear to someone, they may feel less alone with the issues they are facing. I love overcoming the new challenges I’ve faced being ARU Public Face and Publicity. For the recent recruitment period, we surpassed our target for new ARU recruits and I’m hoping to get double the amount of volunteers for the next recruitment period in February.”


This month we celebrate the time Deborah has given to this volunteering opportunity and the skills Deborah has developed.


Are you interested in volunteering? Would like support in finding a suitable student volunteering position why not find out more about our team and how we can help you here or browse our current opportunities.


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