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Chelmsford Rep of the Month November: Clif Ernst

Our third year Mechanical Engeering course rep on how he has gone out of his way to represent his fellow students

Clif Ernst is a second year BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering student, army veteran and course representative.

Clif was elected as his course rep this year after unofficially undertaking the roles of responsibilities of the role last year when his cohort were faced with pressing issues which Clif wanted to help resolve. Through the Students’ Union, Clif arranged an additional Student, Staff Liaison Meeting (SSLC) to have his cohort’s feedback officially recorded in the minutes and discussed new ideas to help resolve the issues.

Clif has also gone above and beyond in his role by attending rep training, meeting regularly with the Union’s Rep Coordinators and attending his ‘Meet the Dean’ session.

Toby Pallatt, Rep Coordinator mentions:


“Clif has given his class a strong, but very considerate voice. He acts impartially and funnels the student's feedback through to the staff professionally considering all views but never leaving a conversation without a solution or a few new ideas to solve it. Without his presence on the course most of their issues may have gone unresolved and what he gives to others is a sense of fair representation.”


Toby finishes by saying:


“Clif has grasped the rep system well and knowing him, he doesn't see it as much of an addition to who he is. He just is happy to exercise his right to fair representation in the university. I know he doesn't expect a reward and probably thinks someone else would be more worthy, but I think he has been quite outstanding.”


Thanks Clif for your dedication to your fellow students, you really are making a real difference to your fellow and future course mates.


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