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Chelmsford Rep of the Month December: Cate Fulcher and Jess Bush


Cate Fulcher and Jess Bush are both second year Nursing students and course representatives for their course.

Through their roles, they listened to student feedback about a particular module on their course and they identified the need for a better framework to help students complete the module. Rachel Wilkenson, FHEMS Representation Coordinator explains:


“Cate and Jess worked together to create a draft of checklists to show their module tutor to better explain what they wanted. The checklists they created were so well done it is being used in order to create a workbook for the class. This demonstrates excellent academic initiative and a real commitment to improving the student experience.”


“Their efforts will enable students that take the course to better organise their work and better understand learning outcomes. This is designed to lead to improvements in terms of students tracking their own progress and will benefit both students in their course, future students and any student that takes this module.”


Cate and Jess have both demonstrated a pro-active approach to improving the University experience of the students on their course and have shown initiative to propose a positive solution, proving that they are both passionate about their course and the success of their fellow students.

Thank you Cate and Jess for all your hard work.


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