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Chelmsford Community Volunteer of the Month – Srikar Kantamneni

"To support one another gives a bigger meaning to life"


Name: Srikar Prasad Kantamneni

Course: Msc Engineering Management

Volunteer Role: SU Volunteer Photographer


"To support one another gives a bigger meaning to life"


What are your main duties and how do they benefit others?

To photograph events which broadened my skill in understanding dynamic framing and light ratios in photography.


What have you enjoyed most about volunteering?

It helped me cherish and celebrate my skill.

Gave me a platform to establish my work.


What skills have you learnt and used during your volunteering?

Fixed lense photography. I've tried encorporating fixed frames into all of my photographs.

No matter what time of the day it is. Anyone can differentiate my photos from the others posted on Instagram.

Feels good that my work stayed the same with improvisation in styles.


What are your future career aspirations?

I want to become a war photographer at some point in my life. I want to document raw and real images with real meaning to them. In this world with the resources available anyone can do anything but for me staying true to my work only happens when I can capture the reality in a frame.

The history we lived in was made of blood and now that we see emptyness from blood. I want to capture the most emptiest but honest stories of human kind.


What inspires you to volunteer?

My passion to present the best and establish a standard for the future generations to come and be a part of Anglia Family.


What is your favourite volunteering memory?

The halloween party. I came in with a lot of questions in my head weather to photograph or not.

It turned out to be the smootest event ever.


Why do you love volunteering?

To support one another gives a bigger meaning to life. To understand the importance of shared value we can create for an organisation.


Do you have any last thoughts or comments?

Just live and let live.

No one knows what anyone is made of until the time arrives.

Paitence and honesty.