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Chelmsford Committee Member of the Month: Joe Newton


Name: Joe Newton

Society: ParaSoc

Volunteer Role: ParaSoc Administrator


"Joe is an individual the SU and the wider ARU community should be proud of for making the ParaSoc experience what it is today!"



In a very short space of time Joe has shown nothing but commitment, dedication and enjoyment in what he does as the ParaSoc administrator also widening his reach into helping others organise and produce events, content design and effective advertisement of events! Joe has taken a leading role in what will be ParaSocs largest event so far this year the “24hr Cpr marathon”.

Joe has helped his fellow committee members but also all students of ARU Chelmsford who wish to engage with ParaSoc! He has shown the freshers of 2019 what it means to be a Uni student in extra curricular activities and showing that education on a third level is not as daunting and as intimidating as first that by most!

Joe is an individual which not only the SU should be proud of but the wider ARU community we have here for making the ParaSoc experience what it is today!


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