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Cambridge Rep of the Month December: Joanna Falconer


Joanna Falconer is an FdSc Nursing Apprenticeship student and course rep.

Nursing apprenticeships are fairly new to the curriculum at Anglia Ruskin and its introduction will of course come with a few teething problems. Through her role Joana, alongside her co-rep Roxy Henry, has been able to help iron out some of these issues by meeting with senior academic staff and ensuring that explanatory emails were sent to her cohort to explain some of the issues around their practical modules.

Rachel Wilkenson, the FHEMS Representation Coordinator at the SU comments:


“Joanna has faced several significant hurdles in her few weeks as Course Rep and she has responded to these challenges proactively. She has gone above and beyond to work towards identifying solutions and provides an excellent example of what a student leader should do.”


Joanna currently works as a Health Care Assistant and alongside her work and studies, she is further enhancing her skills by learning to communicate effectively and interacting with people in different roles, skills that are vital in the role of a Nurse, the role that Joanna is working and studying towards.


“My course mates are really amazing. They are all taking this course in addition to working full-time jobs in health care, because they want to be nurses so badly. They are incredible people, and inspire me to do my best for them.”

“Being able to solve a problem is the most enjoyable part of being a rep. When I can find a solution, or put a student in touch with someone who can, that's my favourite feeling.”


Thank you Joanna for being such a strong advocate to your courses mates and thank you for the incredible work you do every day to support others.


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