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Cambridge Committee Member of the Month: Kate Zenina

"Being president has helped me boost my confidence and has helped me make contacts with the people of different walks of life"


Name: Kate Zenina

Course: Law (LLB Hons), 2nd

Volunteer Role: Law Society President


"Being president has helped me boost my confidence and has helped me make contacts with people of different walks of life"




What are your main duties and how do they benefit others?

I am the President of the Law Society, that aims to help the students feel a part of the Law School and a greater legal community.

I am involved in the daily running of the society, arranging and organising various events, meeting and communicating with the key stakeholders and our partners on and off-campus, and allocating tasks between the members of the committee. I am also responsible for creating the majority of promotional emails that students receive, and our weekly newsletter. I am the main point of contact for students who wish to learn more about the Society.

I really believe that the events that we are running as a society, and the newsletters that we send out with information about other things to get involved with benefit our members and raise the profile of the Law School and the Law Society not only within the University - but also in the outside legal community!


What have you enjoyed most about volunteering?

I love that being a President helps me develop my project-management and event-management skills! It also boosts my confidence, helps me meet with and make contacts with the people of different walks of life and understanding how the running of the organisation works from the inside - this is an incredible experience, and I cannot be grateful enough to the SU for providing me with the opportunity to be involved in the running of the Society!


What skills have you learnt and used during your volunteering?

Project management, event management, interpersonal communication, public speaking, electronic literacy, confident negotiation, organisation skills and cultural awareness


What inspires you to volunteer?

When I see and hear positive feedback from the members of the society, lecturers and faculty officials, and when we as a Society receive awards and accreditations from the SU - I feel an urge to move forward, develop the Society further and make it as beneficial for our members as possible!


What is your favourite volunteering memory?

Designing, organising and running the Law Panel and Networking event. It was a great experience in terms of project management because I had to contact an enormous number of stakeholders and hold a variety of meetings. Further, the organisation of the day of the event involved a lot of effort from me and my team, which made us all unite and work hard to achieve the best results. Lastly, the feedback that we received from the attending guest speakers and students was simply incredible, and it boosted my confidence and desire to move forward!


What are your future career aspirations?

I would like to be a project-manager in future, so this position is the best way to start my career-journey! I am getting the skills and experience needed for my professional development, which inspires me to volunteer further.


Why do you love volunteering?

It is a fantastic way to meet new people, develop soft skills and help the community - whether it is the students' community or wider public!


Do you have any last thoughts or comments?

I would like to thank my supervisor, Meg De-Pasquale (Course Based Society Coordinator), for her incredible contribution in the success of the Law Society and for all the support that she has provided over the course of this semester! She is an amazing individual, and I really appreciate everything she does - thank you!


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